bye bye for now, kl

October 17, 2010

Hope all of you had a good Sunday!

Toots slept over so we had a late night having pillow fights in our lingerie. What else do girls do during sleepovers, right girls?

Woke up early to take my maid to pasar. Took the opportunity to bring Opah out for some grandma-granddaughter bonding time over some tosai and roti canai.

Just look at her being all poser with MY sunnies. She’s hilarious. After a while she said, “Hmmm, this feels nice and comfortable. I’ll take it, thank you.”

Can you really say no to your grandma?!! Like, No way Jose, Opah. Because it’s Prada and you don’t need it!!

But I gave in anyway because I’d give my family the world if I could. And it might be good for her when she’s out making rounds around the house in her wheelchair during the afternoons. It’s pretty hot in KL these days.

Plus, she wouldn’t take them off..

….so it’s not like I had a choice!

Top: PopLook

This top is so cute with the little tie thingy at the bottom. But make sure you wear slightly higher-waisted bottom if you don’t want your love-handles (if you have any) sticking out when you sit.

Anyway, I spent a lot of time with my family today because I’m going on leave this week onwards!! Yayyy!!!! Par-tayyyy!!!! *dad probably giving me the eye now..*

I’m flying off tonight. Won’t tell you where yet, but here’s a hint.

Getting a bit excited. Hehe.