dark comedy

October 3, 2010

Tun Mahathir The Musical was slightly on the disappointing side. I’m surprised to read many good reviews about it because majority of the people who I’ve talked to were pretty disappointed with the musical as well.

I thought the childhood scene was pretty long with many songs but content was very little (basically just to show he was a very good boy who was always reading and didn’t skip his mengaji classes). Then the love scene with Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah was so draggy and cheesy. There was also a scene involving a boat which I thought was so unnecessary.

I was hoping the musical would be a happy one to highlight Tun M’s achievements and all the glory he’s brought Malaysia. Instead, his “achievement” scene was basically a dance scene with dancers holding up a black “Proton” cardboard. What they focused on was the not-so-good history of Tun M’s political career. It was a dark scene with dark music and suddenly on screen was a newspaper with headline “Musa letak jawatan”, shortly after “Ghafar letak jawatan”, then a guy with a songkok came out and had some silat scene with Tun M, and suddenly, “Anwar something something.”

Then they showed the part where Tun M resigned as President of UMNO and Prime Minister of Malaysia. And there was a scene when he was talking to his wife that he is just so disappointed with the Malays and how he has failed to change them. And he doesn’t think he can do it anymore, that’s why he resigned.

It showed such a bad impression of the Malays.

It was awkward. I really wonder how Tun M feels after watching this.

It was already approaching midnight and we got so bored we just left before it ended. I have no idea how it ended, but I really hope it ended on a slightly less gloomy note.

RedMummy was also there on the same night as me and we both agreed that it was pretty draggy. She left early too! Haha.

Disclaimer: All these are entirely my own personal views, which may differ to others.