dean’s graduation

October 26, 2010

Went to Dean’s graduation. A lot of people from my batch graduated this year too, so it was nice to be reunited with all of them in London again.

Graduation here is quite a formal event, so no one wears jeans. Usually people wear their national costumes or men in suits and ladies in dresses. I settled for this simple and classic white shift dress.

I looked this stiff in all the pictures because it was soooo cold, was shivering the whole time!

Imperial College’s graduation was at the Royal Albert Hall, which is so OTT of them. Pfttt.

(LSE graduation was in one of our lecture theaters that we rent….I had some lectures there…so not fun to graduate and having deja vus about boring lectures).

LSE graduation was by departments, so it was a pretty short ceremony. Imperial one was for the whole class of ’10, which meant pages and pages of unfamiliar names and watching people shake hands for hours!

Dean’s department was first to graduate and he was the first to go on stage. So we finished taking pictures and being alert after a few minutes into the ceremony. Can you imagine how bored we all were after that?! Had nap intervals and everything.

Afterwards, we moved on to their department reception where I met lots of smart-looking people who talked about engineering and bored me to death. They served good dessert though, which was nice. Met some of my friends there who also graduated the same day, so we took lots of pictures and made plans for dinner and stuff.

Congratulations Henry!

Mazzy also graduated and I managed to snap her on stage strutting her black Louboutins.

And last but not least, the star of the day who we all cheered for.

With a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering, congratulations Dean!