Debit MasterCard Charge & Stay

October 15, 2010

Some of you emailed me for financial tips..


You want ME, this hardcore shopaholic to tell you how to plan your money?!!!!!

But anyhow, I DID find one method and here, I’ll share it with you.

Ok, no secret I have a slight shopping problem…just a minor one. Cough.

It doesn’t help that there’s always a sale or a discount or a membership card somewhere… Super annoying (I don’t mean that. I love you, Sale and Discount and Membership Card…*bats eyelashes*)

Now that I’m an independent working girl (*flashes dad unhappy look*) I really need to sort out my finances and expenditure.

So, Hello Debit MasterCard!!!!

You know what….I absolutely love it!!!

Basically how it works is that you can only spend money that’s already in your bank account. There’s no credit involved. There’s this security of knowing you’re not spending above what you budgeted.

Unless of course, you are very lenient with yourself and decide to give yourself treats in the form of more purchases. -___- Girls are really smart, aren’t we?

I like to call it my e-Purse. It’s just like carrying cash in your purse. But instead of risking yourself by holding lots of cash, you just carry a card! You can put it in your cardholder or even just in your pocket. Phone in the other pocket. Then off you go about your daily life. This card can be used worldwide anywhere; stores, online, telephone purchases…

I have been using my e-Purse a lot. Shopping, dining, pumping petrol, buying grocery, restocking my toiletries. Just everyday stuff. Was really quite fun knowing that I’m well within my budget.


Top: PopLook

So happy with my purchases and my full stomach.

At the end of the day, I even treated myself to a massage. Cos I didn’t go above budget like I usually do. Hehe. Like I said, girls are smart like that…. Treat themselves by spending MORE money.

But whatever, this was all on the Debit MasterCard. So I’m not worried about getting into debt on spas and massages!!

So to all shoe-holics, bag-holics, accessories-holic, ANY type of holics, GET THIS CARD!!

I also feel it’s nice to teach your kids to spend wisely and give them the responsibility of owning a bank card. You want your kids to be cool in school, right? Just get them this Debit MasterCard, put the allowance limit in it and tell them to go play far far away. Hehe.

Now, let’s swipe.


Why? I shall tell you…

MasterCard is having this “CHARGE & STAY” redemption program, rewarding its users!

You get one night free stay at Resorts World Genting.

IT’S A SURE WIN. Everyone who follows these following steps will get one free night stay.

Just charge your Debit MasterCard FIVE TIMES with purchases of at least RM 30 at different locations from October 1 to December 15 2010.

Collect all 5 receipts.

Get an envelope.

Put all 5 receipts in.

Lick the envelope to seal it.

Mail in your 5 receipts to:

Charge & Stay, P.O. Box 3373, 47509 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Or just bring your 5 receipts to get instant redemption at any Resorts World OneHub office.

I’ve done mine.

Will see you at Resorts World Genting, then?

Quick, call your bank to check how you can get this Debit MasterCard.