four years

October 15, 2010

Today was my 4 year anniversary with Dean!

No, of course he didn’t propose!!ย (to answer questions re: previous post).ย No fireworks, rose petals, swans or bended knees or anything! Haha. Please don’t scare him away with the pressure, oh my dear lovely readers.

On top of getting me a pair of lovely earrings, I saw these as I came down in the morning.

Doesn’t your heart just want to melt reading that?!! Ok, fine… puke is a more accurate word for you. But for me, I thought his words were so meaningful. He better mean them, got many witnesses on Proudduck. Hehe.

He also brought something for Opah!

Opah’s favourite bread is the Rotiboy Mexican bun… She wouldn’t understand that, though…she calls it Roti Dean.

Anyway, we celebrated with a quick lunch in between office hours. He kidnapped me for some yummy steak.

Then it was back to office for the both of us.

Night came and we also celebrated. But we had other people there….

….and also a dinosaur stuck on the ceiling.

It was Little Nephew’s 4th birthday as well today!

So he was priority and we had a small celebration for him.

The theme was dragon, and some of us were dressed appropriately.

The rest of us were more…normal-looking.

Laughter, food, cake, balloons, screams, cries, MOMMY-I-WANT-TO-WATCH-TV moments… it was a typical family birthday celebration.

The cake especially was yummy and I couldn’t help but steal seconds.

Cake by Gateauxlicious

The mascot for Little Nephew’s birthday was Dibo the Dragon.

I know what you’re thinking….I thought the same thing too.


My sister was so upset that no one knew Dibo. She was all “Dibo!! Dibo, ok?!!!! Dibo the Dragon!!”

Umm…yeah…that’s not Barney, dude.

Mothers are soooo enthusiastic when it comes to their kids’ birthday parties. You should see my sister preparing for this. It happens twice a year (for nephew and niece) and those times, I hate going near her. She’s yelling on the phone going, “I wanted the cake to be like THIS…not like THAT!!!” *runs out of room* Danger zone in there.

And she actually MAKES the invitation cards for all the other kids in pre-school.

“Along, you know they’re going to throw those away right?”

“Who cares…it’s prettyyyyyy…” and gives herself a satisfactory smile.

This particular birthday, she got goodie bags custom-made with Nephew’s name and all. She ordered them from outside KL and was so worried that they won’t arrive on time. While waiting, she bought the stuff to fill in the bag; chocolates, Play-dohs, tiny books, party packs, candy, cupcakes, toys….oh…my….god….

When the goodie bags arrived, she couldn’t fit all the stuff in them!! Hahahaha.

“I’m so upset!!!! All my stuff won’t fit in the goodie bags for the kids…”

“Umm…maybe you shouldn’t have gone overboard with the goodies…”

Sister pauses to think

“NO!!! I should’ve gotten BIGGER goodie bags… Your nephew’s going to be so upset!!”

An image of Little Nephew comes up in my head, him trying to differentiate left foot and right foot….

“Oh I think he’ll be fine…”

It’s so funny to see my sister get worked up about goodie bags and candy. Maybe because I don’t have kids yet, so I won’t understand. Apparently A LOT of mothers are like this. It’s sweet, really… you do it for your kids. One day when they grow up, they can look back at the albums and videos and be thankful to have parents who give the best to them, regardless of whether they appreciate it at the time or not.

Happy 4th birthday, Little Nephew. If you’re all grown up and reading this, hope this will bring a smile to your face knowing that your parents always try to give the world to you. Oh and when you read this and Maksu is really really old in my wheelchair, please tell me to not be lame and stop blogging already! Hehe.