hello brussels

October 23, 2010

My parents are at that age where they don’t like to travel and have adventures anymore. They always say their legs are tired, their hearts are racing so they need to sit down somewhere, their knees are cracking, their everything is spoiled la! Haha. *cough*OLD*cough*

They had their travelling phase when they were younger so they’ve been to so many countries and had many adventures. Me? I just look at their old photo albums and sit there unsatisfied. Just look at my sister in pigtails doing some peace sign with her hand, the other hand clasped on to my dad’s. Kiss ***. If you flip through their old albums, it’s always the three of them; my dad, mom and sister. Super unfair sometimes being the youngest.

So, when I was studying in the UK, I thought that was my chance to travel around Europe since it’s cheaper to fly from here than KL. Yay.


Not yay.

I had a dad who is superrrrr strict and wouldn’t let me go anywhere with my friends. Everytime I wanted to travel, I had to give him a proposal with itinerary, address and room number of hotel, friends’ phone numbers. “Would you like their IC numbers as well, Daddy?” I would roll my eyes.

Then he discovered YouTube.

“Oh, darling, you don’t have to travel anywhere!! You can go on this thing called YouTube. They have videos of all the cities you want to visit. It’s Y-O-U, not just U ok.”


So I had to devise a more intelligent strategy. “Oh, I want to go to Amsterdam because I would like to learn its history.”

Always try to put “learn” in the sentence when you talk to my dad.

(But I wouldn’t expect any parent to buy this learning-in-Amsterdam argument. Your kids are lying.)

My dad would answer,ย “Oh, I’ve been there before. I have a book about it in my library. You’re always welcomed to take it and read about it. No point to go. The pictures in the book are nicer than pictures you’ll take.”

Or his usual answer, “Oh ok, you want to go to Amsterdam. Come, I’ll take you when I’m free. You might as well spend time with your dad.”

Yes, because I would love to walk through Red Light District holding hands with my dad.

You see what I have to go through?!!!!

So nowadays, I just tell him. “Dad, I’m going to Brussels k. Staying here and here. You can call me anytime. Oopss, going through a tunnel. Can’t hear you. Bye.”

I really was going to Brussels.

Told my sister and she said, “Oh please, I’ve been there when I was 4.”

Oh how nice. I was -3.

Took the Eurostar! The train ride was 2 hours. And you know who sat behind me?

The loudest and most talkative toddler.

The whole time I had to listen to her say, “LOOK, MOMMY. LOOK AT THE SKY. LOOK AT THE CLOUDS. LOOK AT THE GRASS. LOOK AT ME, MOMMY.”



Thank God I had this.

Steve Jobs, marry me.