60th Catalogue

October 7, 2010

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OK Pop quiz time!!

What do all these items have in common?

Why, they can all be found in IKEA stores worldwide, of course!

(Minus 10 points if you couldn’t figure that out from the Swedish meatball picture)

I love IKEA and I’m sure a lot of you do too! What’s not to love? Innovative products, clever functions, clean features and the icing on the cake; AMAZING PRICES.

Whether you want your home to be…







or anything!

You can create it from IKEA.

I was invited to their 60th catalogue launch (their first catalogue was in 1951 and it was a 9-page insert in a newspaper) and learned so much more about IKEA.

I was there before the store opened and it was so weird to see the store empty.

Like hello, usually I can’t even get a seat in their café. And going there to shop, I’ve got to bring energy bars to keep myself alive among other IKEA fans.

Fun facts about IKEA:

  • Last year, they had 590 million visitors in their stores.
  • Last year, they sold 150 million meatballs.
  • Last year, they sold 20 million of their reusable blue bags.
  • They are the Number 1 Home Furnishing Company in the world.
  • They now have an IKEA iPhone app (free!)
  • This year, they’ve slashed prices on some of the best-selling products.

From RM 185 to RM 169 from Sept 2010.

From RM39.90 to RM 29.90 from Sept 2010.

From RM 269 to RM 229 from Sept 2010.

From RM 1,199 to RM 999 from Sept 2010.

Oh, and here’s a pic of the founder when he was younger.

Opah would flirt with him…. Hehe.

After the media launch, there was a treasure hunt and all sorts of contests for the invited guests. Cindy, Hanis (the other 2 bloggers there) and I weren’t lucky as we pretty much got knocked out in the earlier rounds. So whatever, we took pictures around the IKEA store.

And the best part about the day was this:

I came home and told everybody that I was the new IKEA model. I conveniently forgot to tell them that everybody who came got their own personalised catalogue. Hehe.

You can get the IKEA 2011 Catalogue at the IKEA store, the website or you can download the free IKEA iPhone app to browse through the catalogue on your iPhone.

So in the comfort of your own home, you can throw your legs in the air and browse through the catalogue to mark the items you want.

You know, so when you get to the store, you can put your knee pads and elbow pads on and confidently zoom pass everybody to the checkout counter!