intense repair

October 12, 2010

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Like I’ve said, I’ve committed the seven deadly sins on my hair.

And please ok, most of you have too.

*points and judges*

Let’s hold hands and admit that we’re not going to stop. Salons will keep on making money and we’re still going to complain to our hair stylists about our boyfriends and husbands.

See??? Hair appeal is high up on the pressure list!!


Vainpots?? Us???

Thing is, the smart thing to do NOW is to look for alternative solutions.


There are a lot of products out there and you’ve got to experiment to see what works for you. But I have found that this range of haircare does the trick to transform our hair like the models in ads whose hair is so shiny and mirror-like that you can start checking your teeth using it.

Ok la, maybe just REPAIR hair to a healthy form.

The new Dove Damage Therapy haircare range!

Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-on Cream, Overnight Treatment

Try the Intense Repair one if you, like me, think the hair stylist is your “In case of Emergency” contact.

Hi Vlee!!

Pink Silk Tunic: Nana G

It has Advanced Repairing Serum. And New Functional Internal Repair (Fibre Actives)…..Umm…I dunno what those are also.

But basically, there are small functional molecules that penetrate hair fibers to bind damaged hair proteins. Repairing from inside out, instead of just “masking” the surface of damaged hair. Kinda like beauty from within, rather than wearing thick makeup.

Sounds pretty good, right?!!

  • 5 times less split ends
  • 98% less hair fall
  • Overnight treatment: Soft smooth hair in just ONE wash

Try for yourself! Then, start flipping your hair around like the models do. Hehe.