October 6, 2010

I have been so koyak these days. Like super swamped with work. Hence the delayed replies in emails and comments, please forgive me. I’m trying to juggle the construction, manufacturing and marketing work, as well as my own things which I shall reveal once everything is confirmed. Planning things to make it perfect really isn’t easy!! A lot of sacrifice in terms of time and energy (and money!!) and my social life at the moment is non-existent. And my sleep nowadays is sooo deep that you can shake my bed and I won’t feel a thing.

One of our construction projects is starting this month, and we’ve been busy organising and finalising things. Finally, everything seems to be going according to plan and we just had a doa selamat ceremony at the site before they start the earthworks. Have to ask blessing from God in any project you start!

I am running around here and there like a hamster that I don’t even have time to put make up on properly!! I’m doing it here right before a meeting. Haha.

And even at site, I’m busy texting and emailing. Sigh….when did I become such a workaholic?

I come back home late and I feel so bad asking my maid to cook. So I often have McDonalds for dinner! Haha. I swear it’s so unhealthy, but whoever invented food delivery, I salute you.

Here, Alia paid me a visit on her way back from work. Scolded me for having McDonalds. I scolded her for driving back so late. Fair.

Such are the lives of young working people. It’s like this for all my working friends, actually, not just me. Since we have the energy, the youth and the spirit, now is the time we want to cari rezeki to build a life for ourselves. Hence, we work hard now to enjoy the fruits of our labour in the future. Insyaallah, we all will succeed in our industries ๐Ÿ™‚

I will be up North again this weekend. But I will of course update my blog because I now have Maxis broadband!! Awesome stuff.

I am taking personal leave from next week onwards. And I’m sooooo excited to travel!!!!