one in a million

October 30, 2010

12 hours up in the sky and finally….


Guess who picked me up at the airport?

Puan Sri Opah, of course.

Seriously guys, she does not take those sunnies off! Even at night….sigh…

Ok, it’s almost 2 am and I’m jetlagged…so hello my darling blog.

This is random but I’ve been so hooked to this one videoclip by Ne-yo.

One in A Million.

Toots’ bf dedicated this song to her. Puke…and then he made us watch the video together. More puke…

I like everything about this video! I’m not really into guys who dance, but Ne-yo is definitely an exception! Very hot.

Oh but at 3:14, I found one “fashion don’t”. I don’t like it when bra straps show. They’re called undergarments for a reason.