opah vs maksu

October 29, 2010

This whole trip my mom was with me.

What, you think my dad would just allow me to go to London just like that? Hehe. He imposed a condition. A big condition!!

It was supposed to be my personal leave and my holiday abroad. But because my parents love me too much, Mom decided to crash my roadtrip to make sure I never missed my prayers.


Haha, I joke.

It’s actually not that bad. Mom and I have been bonding and arguing and making up and shopping and eating and arguing and making up. And curling up in front of the TV at 5 am together because we’re both jetlagged.

We went to Mothercare to get some stuff for Little Nephew and Niece. It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Kids nowadays are so lucky with all these cool clothes.

Mothercare is soooo cool!!!!! But my mom isn’t. -__-

We argued in Mothercare about which ones to buy for the little ones.

She kept picking up boring stuff like this:

“Mom, this is so boring. He’s 4, he’s not a contractor.”

And I picked this!

He’ll be the coolest kid in pre-school, hitting on the hot chicks.

I also picked this out because it was just too cute!!

You never know if he needs a costume for some cool kid’s party!

Mom wasn’t impressed.

I moved on to Little Niece’s stuff and got so excited seeing all the pretty dresses. They look so delicate and well…all white and clean….so crossed those off my list.

I picked this.

How cool would she look?? With a cute handbag and leggings and sunglasses.

Mom said no.

I picked this.

Very classy with the ruffles.

Mom said not practical.

Who said anything about practicality?!! It’s so pretty…

Then I picked this:

The material was soooo soft and Little Niece could melt in that! She’d love it! Could wear that after she showers, or when she wakes up in the middle of the night to get some milk from the kitchen.

Mom said no.

So.Β Mean.

Mom picked this instead!!

Ew right?!! I’d be so angry at whoever dresses me like that. What’s with the overall and the vomit of colours. She’ll be one of those kids sitting alone on the swings!! While the other cool girls are painting each other’s nails in their feather boas around their necks. T_T.

“V, she’s two years old!!!”

Yeah, so…?