organising accessories

October 13, 2010

I’ve gone into freaky organising mode again.

I was on leave today for some personal stuff, and had more time to myself.

So what did I do?! Clean Organise my stuff.

Clothes are easy to organise into the closet (by colour and sleeve length, duh..) but my accessories are all over the place.

Accessories are harder to organise because they’re so tiny and delicate, and most come in different lengths and sizes so there’s never a really proper system!

But I tried.

A friend designed this homeware brand Moo-ve Homeware and it’s so awesome. It’s rolled up magazines stuck together to cover the case. You can get the bigger range in Metrojaya.

Got a drawer thing for statement necklaces. A compartment box for smaller necklaces and brooches. Another one for bangles. I clearly need another one for bangles because it’s still not neat enough!

So bangles and bracelets. Check, check. Necklaces. Check. Brooches. Check.


I found this super cool thing in KL designed for earrings and immediately bought one.

In hindsight, this system is quite tedious because it takes some time and effort to take out the earrings if you’re in a rush to get ready in the morning. The lower the tier is, the more difficult to handle the earrings. But oh well, at least it looks neat!

My sunglasses are also organised in their own cases.

Rattan box from IKEA

I’m a huge headbands freak nowadays, so finally I got a headband bolster!

Even that wasn’t enough, so the less delicate ones I stashed in an IKEA box.

Ahhhhh….it feels so good organising and having everything look neat now!

To get started is just a pain, but once you’re in that “cleaning” mode, you don’t want to do anything else.

Btw, Dean and I turn 4 tomorrow. That’s right, it’s our 4-year anniversary 🙂

I came home today and saw his car parked outside. (Don’t worry, Opah and Ustazah Mommy are always chaperones and he has never stepped foot anywhere in the house other than the ground floor!)

We agreed we wouldn’t exchange presents this year, but he was stubborn and broke that pact!

He suddenly presented me with this tiny box..


Before I go into cheesy mode, I better leave you guys.

Will update soon! 🙂