shopping tips

October 19, 2010


Yes, I’m in London. I was hoping for answers like Alaska or Russia or something like that, but all of the comments said London. Pfttt. I’m not that predictable, am I?? Next trip, I’ll go to the moon.

On the plane, I suddenly caught a flu!! I was sneezing and blowing my nose a lot that it disrupted my sleep. It was quite uncomfortable because I get a bit worried when someone sitting near me is all sick, so I would hate to do that to others. Tried keeping to myself a lot. Sorry, everyone on the plane.

Also watched The Proposal for the second time on the plane. Realised Sandra Bullock is super duper hot.

London was really really cold today πŸ™

I arrived super early in the morning and got bored after a while so I vacuumed. Yup..that bored.

As soon as the shops opened, I went to my neighbourhood convenience store to get my stomach some food. So nice to see familiar faces there.

And then…..

Hello Harrods!!!!

(I really don’t waste any time)

I was thinking about my shopping habit. I really don’t mind shopping anywhere; from Harrods to pasar malam. A true shopaholic will find something good anywhere. Haha.

Just a few days ago I was at Jalan Kenanga for the first time.

This area is known for wholesale fashion outlets selling clothes that well….aren’t of the best quality. But surprisingly, I’ve seen them being put in really nice boutiques around Bangsar and KL. I wasn’t there for that though because apparently you can’t buy 1 or 2 things, you’ve got to buy in bulk. I was there for experience and also I heard they sell really nice storage stuff there. That’s where I got my headband bolster, and my sister got a very nice thing to display her bangles on.

There are other stuff too, I discovered.

Denim shirt: Topshop

Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Oh, parking isn’t easy there. We searched around and I finally found parking next to this… thing.

I also went to One Utama last weekend. Haven’t been there for sooooo long that I went a bit oh-my-god for a while. I actually really love shopping in OU (new wing). You could get all the famous high street brands there and the mall isn’t too big that you need plasters for your feet after 2 rounds.

Met Alia for lunch at Delicious. She actually kidnapped me as I was shopping at Bimba & Lola. They had 30% off last weekend, and it was pretty annoying for people who bought the same items the weekend before. *upset face*

Headband: Hermes

Top: T-bags

Jeans: Bettina Liano

I dragged Alia to Zara after lunch. Hehe. Sigh…yes I bought stuff. I really can’t resist Zara.

Umm Dad…as I have insisted many times, Zara is a clinic. By “stuff”, I mean medicine. Your daughter has a sickness, but don’t worry, Zara medicine really works.

Some shopping tips for all of us:

  • You see the “Fitting Room” sign? Don’t be lazy. We must go there and try on stuff before purchasing. I used to be really lazy and think I know my size already. But things don’t umm fit as nicely anymore, so I always have to try clothes on. (I hate you, roti canai)
  • If you can, try not to bare all in the fitting room. You really never know if they have cameras in there or if people can see you from a hole somewhere. Try to keep a tank top on or some leggings or something. Never take off all of your clothes. We have really sick people around these days. You really never know.
  • Credit cards are enemies. Cash or debit cards are friends.
  • Wear heels. The most painful heels so you won’t be able to shop for long. Whoever told you to wear flats while shopping just want you to stay longer and buy more.
  • Make a list. Okay, scratch that. It never works. I usually end up with nothing on the list and everything that isn’t on the list.
  • Shoulder bags are more comfortable than totes. Shoulder bags leave your hands free for more shopping bags. Therefore, carry tote bags while shopping so it’s harder for you to carry more purchases.
  • Don’t get a size too small thinking you’ll go to the gym.
  • Go shopping with a friend! When it comes to shopping, I’m really independent. I love to shop alone! But I realise I spend a lot more when I’m alone. If you’re a shopaholic, get a friend who isn’t or a friend who tells you everything is ugly. If you want, you can borrow my mom. Hehe.

Any more shopping tips you guys would like to share?