sleep tight

October 22, 2010

Got a cute message:

“All women’s problems start with an M.





Menstrual pain.”

True right?!!!!

Men – not such a problem for me. Dean is awesome, no complaints.

Money – with so many things women have to buy to upkeep the pretty faces and hot bodies, it’s a big problem.

Migraine – I heard somewhere that women get migraines more than men! We’re pretty stressed people.

Menopause – I wouldn’t know for another 30 years I hope. But I witness it on others and it ain’t pretty! *flashes look at one particular person in the house*

Menstrual pain – not so much for me. Thank God I don’t really get cramps or pain, but then, I get very tired when I get my period. I feel so lethargic throughout the day and all I want is a good night’s sleep!!

Speaking of good night’s sleep, my bed is my sanctuary because it provides me with such good sleep. I get so annoyed when my sleep gets interrupted. Emails, calls, texts, alarms, reminders, occasional mosquito buzzing sound (Welcome to Malaysia), having to go toilet, and oh my god period stains.

Sorry, boys, but my blog is girly, you should’ve seen this coming. Hehe.

Just to let you girls know, I discovered that Whisper came up with this new range; the New Whisper Overnight.

Pads that are longer especially for overnight protection for ladies who have heavy flows! It has 3D absorbent core, 1 second absorbency and can absorb 10 TIMES the average flow, so you can definitely sleep peacefully!

I mean, sometimes when you have those rare dreams where Robert Pattinson makes a guest appearance, you really don’t want to be woken up and be reminded about your period. Or whoever the hot guy now is… Justin Beiber, is it?

I bet the younger girls are melting right about now. I don’t get it. Seriously, he needs to comb his hair. In fact, both of these men should. They look like they didn’t have a good night’s sleep because they don’t use Whisper.

But who cares. I already have my Dean Pattinson, who always has nice hair! Ok, almost always.

Anyway, I’ve always been a big fan of Whisper pads and have been using their pads for years now. I always have ready stock!

So I’m happy to know they’re really catering for different women with different period types; heavy flow, light flow, medium flow, wings, no wings, and now, mega-river-heavy flow! Hehe.


Whisper contest!!!

Whisper is giving back. Write creatively on how you feel assured and safe and submit to . Win prizes and also a slumber party for you and your friends! Or you know…just snap a photo of you and the pad. An appropriate one, please. No one wants nightmares.

Contest runs from 8 October to 28 November.



All you have to do is leave a comment below with an answer to this question: “Describe yourself in one word.”

Things like fresh/vibrant/awesome etc, nothing dirty pls. I’m not sure if superfreakingawesome counts as one word.

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