the peeing kid

October 24, 2010

Brussels reminds me a bit of Paris. The roads are similar, some of the building architecture too and the people here speak French.

Please wear flats here because some of the roads I walked on today looked like this:

Ouch for stilettos right?!

Anyway, the whole time I walked around, the smell of Belgian waffles and Belgian chocolates surrounded my air. If I was a cartoon, there would be little squiggly lines in the air indicating this sweet smell. I was constantly hungry. Thank God I don’t have a sweet tooth, not much of a dessert fan.

If not, I would’ve invited some kilos into my body with those freshly made crispy waffles with chocolate syrup dripping off from the sides…ooh crap…now I want one.

Belgium is known for the lace and tapestry. Such pretty table clothes and napkins sold here.

Thought of getting a cute little delicate dress for Little Niece, but it’s just going to turn into brown polka dots when she spills stuff on herself. So, mission aborted. “Delicate” and Little Niece don’t go well together just yet.

Then I looked at the tapestry.

So beautiful!! Some of the scenery ones looked so real. You can get a small one for over a hundred euros, but the nice big ones cost thousands.

This world map one cost about 800+ euros, if I remember correctly.

Would be cool to put in a study room or library or somewhere you’re supposed to be intelligent in.

Just look at the details! Must take hours to do this.

This is random, but they sell durians in a supermarket! Haha. 10 euros per kg.

I went to Grand Place, which is a must-see for all tourists in Brussels.

It reminds me of Covent Garden in London, except Covent Garden actually has shops and boutiques surrounding it. More to see and feel. Hehe.

It’s a big square with historical buildings on all 4 sides.

Umm yeah, don’t know what these four sides represent…hold on, let me get the tour guide book.

Oh most of these buildings and guildhouses were destroyed by the French, so these are all rebuilt.

This is the Maison du Roi – it’s the home to Musee de laVille which displays paintings, tapestries and 650 tiny outfits of Manneken Pis (will get to that in a bit..)

This is The Hotel de Ville – no, not a hotel. It’s Brussel’s town hall, the finest civic building in the country. I was told people have their weddings here. How cool is that?! This is such a beautiful setting to have a wedding at.

Scarf: Burberry

The most comfortable and most practical coat in the world: Zara

Leggings: Topshop

Flats: Chanel

This is…umm…a statue thing (sorry I forgot the name!). Basically people come to touch him/her (didn’t check, too many people there) as a symbol of hope that they will soon return to Brussels again. You’re supposed to trail your fingers from his/her head all the way down his/her body to his/her toes. Kinda like molesting him/her a bit.

Don’t forget to wash hands afterwards k. A lot of people touch him/her everyday.

Then, I visited the most fascinating statue ever.

Brussels is known for Manekken Pis.

A kid who’s constantly peeing.

I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, the only kid that has abs.

Get it, Manneken Pis? Mannequin pissing? Hehe.

In the 17th century, this statue was built to reflect the need for fresh drinking water in the area. The French and British armies made attempts to steal the popular statue, but it was finally destroyed by a former convict. Doesn’t make sense right? One guy can steal it, but French and British armies couldn’t??? I’m not making this up I swear, I’m reading from the book.

The book says that the inspiration for this statue is unknown but one theory is that this boy was the son of a duke who peed against a tree in the middle of a battle. So, umm, they made a statue out of that. (???) Something about military courage….(???) A bit ironic because hello, the boy was so scared he peed!!

They remade the statue and it’s a tradition for heads of states who visit Brussels to donate their national costumes to this boy. He now has 650 outfits housed in Musee de la Ville.

Yet, he still chooses to be naked.

You’d be surprised to see how small this infamous statue actually is!

Small things come good packages…

Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

Oh, good things come in small packages.

*ahem* I’m small *ahem*

He may be small, but he is one huge attraction. He’s everywhere!! On shop displays, on chocolates, on candies, on waffles, on magnets, there was even a corkscrew made out of him (you can guess where they strategically positioned the screw).

My new little rude friend, the waffle ambassador.

Which colour, just choose!

Interesting culture. Nobody can forget something like this! If you’re ever pissed off at someone, just do this pose to them! Haha.

The whole time I walked down that street looking at different versions of this boy, only one thought came to my head.

“Oh no, now I really have to pee.”