wrist candy

October 17, 2010

You know how girls are handbag-crazy beings? Well, men on the other hand are watch-crazy people. Well, cars also actually. But you can’t wear your car around… so watches are their trophy items. And actually, some ladies are crazy over watches too. It’s very much a “lifestyle” purchase as what watch you wear tells a lot about yourself.

The downside to that is that watches aren’t cheap!! You can buy a house with one Patek Phillipe…

I went to a watch event by Chopard with Asma’. You know, just for looksie looksie.. it was in Pavilion anyway – lots of “candy” stores there… *excited mode*

We missed the fashion show and pretty much the whole event because well, “Late” is Asma’s middle name.

Oh and I bumped into Nona, a fellow Cempakan there.

Top: BCBG (birthday gift from Duck Sofia)

Pants: Zara

Bag: Roberto Cavalli

Made one round in the store and went ooh and aahhhh at everything. Suddenly, one collection really caught my eye!! I forgot the specific name, but it was brown leather with gold hardware and it just looked so classic!! I loved it! Since I don’t have a brown watch….and my birthday is coming up….Also didn’t help that Asma’ was going all Very Nice-It Is A Must Have-So Gorgeous-Get It on me.

So I gatal went to try it on.

You see how my eyes widen when I want something?

I bbm-ed the picture of the watch to my handsome dad. He conveniently did not accept the file request. Not so handsome anymore.

“Would you like to buy this? It’s RM 50,000…” The guy asked me.

Hold on…please excuse me while I roll down this hill laughing.

Blushing, I put it back and said, “Crap, I only brought RM 49,000.”

“Aww man, so close!!” Asma’ added, knowingly.

So we took our imaginary RM 49,000 and spent it on our stomachs. At the food court.

My cantonese kuey teow: RM 20,000

Asma’s umm.. thing that she ate..: RM 29,000

Finish all our money…

We spent some quality time together and chat about the economy and what we would like to contribute to the world in the future…Always intelligent conversations when the two of us meet.

Look at us with our seatbelts. Aren’t we cool?

Anyway, back to watches, these were the one I fell in love with before we left the store.

White face or brown face nicer??

I personally love watches and they’re definitely something I would invest my money on. But of course, most of my peers and I aren’t at that level yet. I’m only 22… When you know you can buy watches off the shelves with your own hard-earned money without thinking about living under someone’s stairs, I salute you.

But hey, we all should be inspired looking at all these watches.

Daydream with me for a while, will you….

Which brand would you buy a watch from?