boob job in a tube

November 21, 2010

Took some time out this weekend to visit a Magic place.

A place where your bum gets lifted, your tummy gets tucked in, and your stretch marks get erased!

I was invited to a Rodial event thing in conjunction with Bimba & Lola. Let’s be honest here, I was more excited to see Bimba & Lola because I have never even heard of Rodial beauty products.

Apparently, I’m quite ulu because all these celebs swear by them!

It’s pronounced Row-Die-Earl. Not Row-Dee-Earl, as I embarrassingly learned.

There was a price list for all these body products.

I was thinking to myself..WHAT?! A boob job cost RM 660??? That’s quite cheap since Heidi’s boobs cost her tens of thousands! Did she not hear of Rodial before she went under the knife?

Then I realised why. It’s actually a cream to apply to your boobs. Not a surgical procedure. Duh, PD…

Now I know what to get Asma’ for her birthday.

HAHAHAHAHA *roll of floor*

The lady tried to sell me some Gold Collection thing. Apparently they have this gold cream (REAL GOLD, OK…) to apply to your face and body to give radiance and all that. The whole set cost RM2500.

“You can rub gold cream all over yourself.”

“No thanks, I’d rather wear them on my neck and wrist.” I said.

Was quite excited to see some B&L clothes but all they had were bags! Not a big fan of their bag collection this time around, but their travel packs and cosmetic cases are pretty cute.

I lost 2 kilos ever since FV was born until my mom was so worried about me “disappearing”. Me? I feel so alive! They’re all overreacting because they don’t like me losing weight. Haha.ย  And they think I’m not eating which is so ridiculous. I LOVE food.

I had a huge craving for Thai food yesterday. Really wanted some TomYam in me. So I gots me some. Was nice to just get out of work mode for a while. Not too long though, because I missed the office and went back to do some paperwork.

My next mission is to get Opah to see the office. There’s a lift so I can just wheel her in without worrying about stairs. Now I just have to pull her out of bed. She’s been so lazy. Pfft.

Am wearing a Minz Gold Leaf necklace. This Gold collection will be available on soon! It’s so easy to wear and the price, everybody will like ๐Ÿ™‚

This picture was taken with Dean’s iPhone. I think the effect is pretty cool….

“See, you should get an iPhone!” The newly converted iPhone user i.e. BB backstabber said.

“NEVER…!!” The loyal BB user i.e me growled.

But now I’m thinking twice. There are lots of cool stuff on the iPhone…hmmm….

Are most of you Team BB or Team iPhone?