chilling with my old folks

November 18, 2010

How was your Raya, everyone??

My family and I had a pretty relaxed one, as we do every year. Ate some ketupat, went to the mosque, hung out together, and you know what….suddenly, my dad suggested, “Let’s watch a movie together!”

Who are you and what did you do to my dad?

But oh what the heck, my parents and I curled with each other in the TV room and I started thinking what movie I wanted to watch. Haven’t been to the cinema in ages (that’s pretty high up there in my This Weekend Must Do list), so I was thinking of all these romantic chick flicks that I just need to watch. You know, in order to be cool! (I have not been so cool lately…)

“Let’s watch Pursuit of Happyness!” My dad excitedly took out the DVD out of nowhere.

Seriously, who is this guy who looks like my dad?!

Pursuit of Happyness…yawn…it’s a good movie, but I’d already seen it. And I don’t like watching the same movie twice (unless they wear really nice clothes in it).

“You know, it’s really good. It’s about this guy struggling bla bla bla bla….”

I know….I’ve seen it….everybody cool has…

And then during the movie, he’d go, “Oh, this is the part where he gets kicked out of his apartment because he didn’t pay rent. Oh, this is the part where the mother left.”

Hahahahah. YES DADDY, I KNOW.

But you know what…I watched the whole thing again and I forgot how much I love that movie!! It’s so good!! And at the end when he found success after working sooo hard, my mom and I were fighting for tissues.

Then, my dad gave his speech…”You see the parents’ love for their kids? They’d do anything for their kids to make sure the kids are fed, clothed, etc and happy. They won’t eat if they have just enough money for their kids to eat…….”

Everytime we finish a movie, there will be a moral story from my dad. And it usually involves how good parents are.

Yes yes…You already know I love you guys. No need to sell yourselves all over again. I had already bought it a long time ago.

Oh…and on the way to the mosque, he gave a BIG speech about Raya Haji and Korban and the whole history on Nabi Ibrahim and Nabi Ismail in the desert. You all know that story right?? Smack yourselves if you don’t. The Muslims, I mean!

So, I asked a simple question.

I turned to dad.

Me: So would you slaughter me??

Dad: Well, you know, that was a long time ago and now it’s a symbolic thing…that we should listen to God…that we should submit to his wants…that we should sacrifice some things in life…not our children, per se…..bla bla bla…*Another clever and diplomatic speech*

At another time, I turned to mom.

Me: So would you slaughter me?

Mom: Who ask?

Me: God la…

Mom: Of course !!




I feel so safe in this house…..