November 27, 2010

It’s really nice when people say they care. But it’s a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL when they take the extra step to show they care.

Someone very kind and dear to me (and a person I look up to) surprised me out of the blue with a free spa.


She said, “It’s on me. Please, you deserve a break.”

If you could give hugs through the phone, I would actually jump into my phone, come out of her phone and give her one bigggg hug.

I booked for the weekend, but they were fully booked (a lot of stressed people in KL, huh?) so I found time during the week. I had to postpone twice due to my schedule, but the third time, I was like NO MORE POSTPONING I FREAKING NEED AND DESERVE THIS. Took my mind off work for a while, hop onto the car, forgot some stuff, turned back to get them, hop onto the car again and off I went.

See, one eye bigger than the other, lips senget. I can’t even smile right anymore!!

Headband: Sereni & Shentel via

Top: Lipsy

Off I went, to Essentials Urban Retreat in Starhill!

It was featured in Bazaar for the Best Signature Spa so clearly I didn’t waste any time to book an appointment.

The place is beautifullllll. So spacious and calming yet luxurious. Should’ve brought my suitcase and just stayed there for the night!

I melted into the massage therapist’s hands. She had my preferred pressure just right and she was so soft-spoken I felt so relaxed. Until my phone kept beeping. Everyone wanted to call me when I was relaxing! I had to type on the BB keypad with one hand (am getting really good at that, actually!)

She started with a hot towel on my feet and it was the surprisingly the perfect way to get a person to relax. All my massages start with back first, so now I know that it actually should start with feet first! She massaged my feet with the hot towel and oh my god, I just forgot about whatever else in my life.

There was also a hot stone massage on my back that was just so good…

Ok I better stop because writing this just makes me want to go back there like right now…

Every massage room had a private shower and changing room.

Like a hotel room, no??

Oh except you have to wear this sexy looking thing. Just that. Yummy. Hehe.

Ok, so massage. Check.

Waxing. Check.

Next, I just need to do my manicure, pedicure and haircare.

Gosh, you should see me these days…I’m a disgrace to women!! My roots are inches long and my nails are so unkept my mom keeps saying devils are hanging off them! Will get those done asap. Can’t live like this!!