first day in history

November 16, 2010

Today will be the day I will remember forever.

It’s the day I started my own business. The day I braved myself to tell people about it. The day I cried. The day I felt proud of myself. was actually Dean’s idea. He once jokingly said that I shop too much I should just open an online store. And look what happened today!! I did. We did. I was reluctant but he kept motivating me and telling me it will be alright.

While I was preparing for this business, omg, you have no idea how hard it was to keep it in!! I was so excited but I didn’t want to reveal it too soon, so I tried so hard to blog without letting out the secret. I just wanted to say “You guys!!! I’m starting an online site!! You guys!!!” to all of you, but I had to be patient (my loved ones know how hard patience is for me! hehe).

Then it was time to launch the Facebook fanpage. I was nervous and kept refreshing the page every few seconds only to find 60 people “liking” it. I decided to just sleep and when I woke up, I saw 661 people “liking” In one day!!!!!

The past week I have been having 2 hours of sleep. The nearer to the launch, the more demanding it got. My team and I go to the office at 7 am and stay till 1 am. It sounds crazy now, but we had so much fun actually. Laughing while packing clothes, joking while we steam dresses. I think I’m a pretty fun boss *flips hair*. Then I’d go home and see my family and start working on the website till 5 am. Fun is fun, but you know what I found out; If you sleep on 2 hours a day consecutively, YOU AIN’T SO HOT Y’ALL. Bride of Frankenstein like that.

We were short-handed a little bit before the launch and I was so touched that many of our family and friends extended their help. Even Ron came to dress mannequins. But I have a feeling he really really didn’t mind.

Toots came and started eating our food.

She left Love Letters crumbs everywhere!! Since we don’t have a vacuum cleaner, I had to be the vacuum cleaner.

Toots was then punished and had to make chairs.

Dean. My rock.

Our last product to shoot. The Nana G Sabrina Skirt.

My everything at Couldn’t have gone this far without her.

She’s officially FV’s fashion buyer, and a very strict one at that.

So if she doesn’t agree to stock some of the brands, take it up with her, thanks. I have nothing to do with it.

Top: Gallo by Thian

I know, I know. I’m always sleepy. But 2 HOURS of sleep dude!!

You’re lucky not to find random pictures of flowers and cats in the FV website.

As you can see, my team is super dedicated. Working on weekends, working late nights. But don’t worry, I buy them McDonalds breakfast a lot. Hehe. Trying to keep us healthy.

But you wanna know the irony?!!


The day of the launch decided to MC la, half day la, balik kampung la…

Asma’ and I were in the office handling everything!! A rush of emails and notifications came flooding my phone and I was so stressed. My phone has never been THAT busy in my entire life and at the end of the day, I wanted to throw it out the window. Asma’ told me to turn it off for an hour just for me to de-stress but I would never ever kill my phone.

The second half of today, I was all alone in the office to deal with everything. Me, a 22-year old girl, trying to write receipts, check orders and stocks, figure out systems and handle customers. All alone in the office. With a non-stop beeping phone and a creaking door (was scary, ok!) and a glass of water, I powered through anyway.

And then you know what….

I cried.

I burst into tears alone.

I don’t know where it came from, but I think I was just overwhelmed with it all. This was me and my team’s hard work. There are sooo many things involved behind a simple online shopping website and it’s extra hard work because I’m dealing with many different designers. But we did it. This office and red carpet around me came to life because of us. From concrete space to a decent office. Ok fine, we don’t have much furniture. We still can’t afford a fridge either. Haha. (Donate to us, thank you) But we did all this. And it just felt so….I don’t know….pretty awesome, actually.

I’d love to be all snooty and say we’ve got it all covered and well, but you know what, we’re still a long way to success. There are a lot areas that we can improve at and I thank those who sent in suggestions for the site and all that. I’d like to address some of them:

1. Pricing

There were lots of frustration that the prices are too high. I’d like to clarify that these are not my collection, the prices are determined by these reputable and respectable designers and I’m in no position to decrease or increase them. However, we try to accommodate a range of price range. If you have time, please browse through the site properly and you’ll find less expensive items too.

2. Brands

We’re pretty sure we’ve locked in the good local brands here, but we are always on the lookout for more local brands. I’ve received enquiries about stocking and it’s flattering that other brands too want to be featured on We are extremely selective in brands we pick but we are always happy to discover more brands.

3. Muslimah line

Yes, my mom has been bugging me about this too. It’s in the pipeline. We’re on the lookout now.

4. Plus line

There aren’t many local plus-size brands that are exceptionally good out there, and we’re not going to stock just anybody. But we’re also on the lookout for this!

5. Website

There are so many things that need improvement and we know that.

For example, there is no “sold out” feature. We’re working on this, but in the meantime, if you can’t seem to add to your cart, that means it’s sold out.

A lot of you asked for material type to be included in the products. Since these aren’t our own collections, we cannot specify without confirmation so we will be harassing designers on this. Give us some time k?

Keep the feedbacks coming!


This first day has been a very good start. Many orders coming in and even international orders!! Thank you guys for supporting us. I am so touched to see so many PD readers in the Fb fanpage, even more than my own friends actually (I need to revise some friendships. Hehe). And it’s only 2 days old. My readers are really really really awesome. 🙂

I’ve got my parents and family praying for’s success and I can only hope you guys would do the same for us.

I’ve just got to keep going now. But you know what I’m going to do now?


Oh, before I forget, Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all!!!! Enjoy the holiday 🙂