juggle juggle

November 23, 2010

FashionValet.net is a week old!!


WHY ARE YOU GUYS STILL NOT LIKING THE FashionValet.net FANPAGE?!! We’re about to launch many other things soon (and we always put pics of ourselves because we have nothing better to do), so please keep yourself updated from the Facebook Fanpage yeah?

I’ve been so happy, surrounded by nice stuff, feeling all independent and fulfilled.

But you know who’s not so happy? My dad heheh..

Understandable, though.

I’ve been neglecting my construction work since before the launch so now and getting remarks like, “Eh, who are you?” whenever I pop in the old office to get updates. But overall, they’ve been understanding though. Now that I’ve set up FV, I’ll just take a teeny weeny step back and let go off the reins a little bit. It’s getting more and more routined now, so I can start trusting my staff to do a good job.

Top: PU3 Easy Blouse

I’ll be watching like a hawk, though.

I’ll be juggling both FV and the property development side from now on. Was just given a mandate to manage 3 construction projects that will commence simultaneously. That’s not even remotely funny. God, give me strength please?