November 25, 2010

Men are hilarious sometimes.

I was in the car with Asma’ on the way to a meeting, when it was starting to drizzle a bit.

A hot girl in hotpants was about to cross the road and my Abang actually stopped for her.

I’m very close to my Abang and we always tease each other (I was singing in the car yesterday and he told me to stop cos it’s giving him a migraine… -__-“).

“Wahhh since when you so nice to stop for people?” I teased him, knowing very well her hotness level was directly proportional to his niceness level. I mean, really, he’s the OII!!!!-TEPI-SIKIT-LAH-PANDAI-LU-TAK-NAMPAK-JALAN-KE kind of driver.

“Alaa…cos she’s hot la!! Kalau Asma’ yang pakai tudung ni lalu, sure Abang tak stop!” Asma’ chirped in.

My abang confirmed that that was in fact true.

And we laughed so much in the car, while hitting him.“You’re so mean!!!”

“No, NO!! Listen to my reasons!!My Abang said.

So we calmed down and listened intently.

“That girl, in hot pants, I had to let her through cos she tak cukup kain. Nanti kaki dia basah sebab dah nak hujan. Kesian dia, takkan nak biar dia basah. Kalau Asma’, Asma’ got tudung. Dah ada automatic umbrella. Tunggu je la kat situ!!”

He had a hilarious logical point, but still, we hit him anyway, on behalf of all covered women out there regardles of their hotness levels.

Men!! Typical!!

Except for Dean of course. Dean would stop for any girl crossing the road, he’s not choosy with hotness levels and amount of cloth. So kind!

….. ok, that sounded better in my head…