my obsession

November 1, 2010

I just realised how much I’m addicted to my phone.

If you see me walking around, I’m even clutching on to my phone sometimes. I even take it to the bathroom in case there’s an emergency.

I can probably live without my laptop/camera/whatever else for a few hours, but take my phone and I’ll probably start talking to myself or my thumbs will start vibrating by themselves.

But I’m not doing anything “wasting time”-ish on it! Sometimes I don’t even chat to friends! I don’t tweet or fb update sooo often, it’s usually to reply emails, follow up on something, BBM, checking calendar and tasks or reply texts. I’m the type who can’t sit still; if I’m on the phone, I’m usually walking back and forth or circling a table. It’s that bad! But my focus is quite short. Babble on for longer than 5 minutes, and I’ll start typing on my phone under the table. Haha.

A friend took my phone for fun to test how long I can go without it. When it beeped, I started tapping my fingers trying to distract myself. Patience, Vivy, patience, I kept telling myself. Then it beeped again. And I started shaking. I started hearing imaginary beeps. Haha. Finally, “GIVE IT BACK TO ME!!!!!!!”

I have issues, I tell you.

It’s pretty annoying for my loved ones to get my attention.

Dean has been so annoyed lately with my phone obsession. When he talks, sometimes I’m going uh-huh, yeah and nodding all the while looking at my phone. (I know I know…rude….)

So you know what he did?

When I was telling him something, he looked at his phone and went “uh-huh, yeah…uh-huh…”

For the longest time!!

I was so excited telling him about stuff and he kept giving me expressionless “uh-huh”s.

I got so annoyed!!!

“Not nice to be ignored, is it?” he finally asked me.

It really wasn’t! 🙁

I’m young and now is not the time to slow down, but I need to stop being so attached to my phone before I start forgetting how my loved ones look like!

But don’t be silly and test me with the whole “see how long you can be phone-less”. You never know when emergencies happen and you need to call for help.

So we found a solution. When I’m out meeting people and having sit down lunches or dinners, I will keep my phone in my handbag and not take it out unless it rings or beeps. Because once it’s in my hands or on the table, I will use it.

I need to train myself to be able to have more patience and focus.

I kept it in my bag, but it was open so I could see my phone. Suddenly the red light on my BB started blinking. Mental torture, I tell you.

Sigh… Technology….. Can’t live with it, definitely can’t live without it.