november issue

November 10, 2010

I was selected as one of FACES magazine Top 10 bloggers for their November issue which is out now! Surreal, but really flattering to be put amongst Malaysia’s top bloggers.

1) Niki Cheong

2) Ming

3) Joyce (duh hehe)

4) Cindy

5) Proudduck

6) Zainal

7) Β Tziaa

8 ) Cheng Leong

9) Β Hanis

10) Kim

Some behind the scenes pics:

Thank you Abi for the write up! I love interviewers with tape recorders. So much more professional and honest.

Make up session.

They wanted the make-up to be natural again. Mannnn, I really want to experiment and have a photo shoot of really adventurous make-up!

The shoot was at G Tower, the new building in town. I didn’t realise it’s soooo nice. You guys should pay it a visit sometime!

Never knew I had this kind of expression. My inner *****. Hehe.

The awesome team behind the whole Top 10 bloggers features.

Make-up artist!

FACES November issue cover page.

Quite cool to have a card with your face on it. It’s not real, though.

The last page of the magazine, they asked what perks do bloggers get. My answer wasn’t as intelligent as some of the rest, but hey, I had to be really honest!! Haha.

Proudduck was also mentioned in InTrend magazine November issue. Albeit a small snippet, it made my day.

November has been a good month for this Proudduck girl, Alhamdulillah.

Thank you FACES and InTrend!

Get your copies now!