opah in opish

November 29, 2010

Opah has no idea what I’ve been doing these past few weeks. She just knew me as my-super-busy-granddaughter-who-doesn’t-take-me-for-roti-canai-as-often-anymore.

Since I usually spend time with her on Sundays, I thought I’d do the usual last weekend since FV is settling in already. But instead of clogging her arteries with roti canai, I thought I’d make her do something healthy.

Come to the office with me.








“Hahh?!!! Opish??! Why on earth would I go to work with you??”

“Because you love me and you want to see what I do.”

“I know what you do. You stare at the computer all day and you put my pictures on Internet.” Like Internet is this one little place everyone goes to. Hahahaa. “You think I don’t know you do that?! I have friends who tell me…”

Look at her lie like that…Her friends…. Pftt..

Anyway, before she rolled away on her wheelchair, it was faster for me to put her in the car, put the wheelchair in my boot and off we went to my office.

It’s so cool to have your grandma with you in the office (I honestly never thought I’d say that sentence in my life ever…). She was curious and asked about everything and she seemed really interested. I showed her the FV website and explained to her the concept of online shopping. She looked a bit scared actually. Internet is a whole new concept for 89 year-olds.

I brought her to the studio and she looked at the lighting kit I had.

“Why do you have umbrellas in here? Does it rain in this room??” She asked, genuinely concerned while looking up at the ceiling to check for leaks.


“No, Opah. That’s the lighting, for when I take pictures…”

She nodded, but I’m 100% sure she has no idea what I’m talking about.

She rolled her wheelchair to the mannequin.

“Why is she naked?”

“Cos I’m just about to put some clothes on her…Here, hold this for me, please.”

“I feel really really weird…” Opah said quietly.


I continued doing my work while she looked on in awe.

Suddenly, she voiced out.

“I get very bored at home sometimes. How about if I work for you?”

I almost broke the mannequin’s neck off.

I mean, hello, it took her literally half an hour to get out of the car, onto her wheelchair, roll her into the tiny lift, position her wheelchair correctly so that we can roll her out of the lift, sweating while holding the lift door open so she doesn’t get squished, roll her to the door, unlock the door and take her out of her wheelchair because the door is too small for the wheelchair, fold the wheelchair and bring it in, unfold the wheelchair so she can sit again, and take a shower because you’re sweating like mad.

So yeah, working hours are 9 to 5. Opah will get to the door 10-ish maybe? And not even cos she’s late!!

And then, she brings an assistant. Our maid. That’s actually a plus point cos the maid washed some dishes for me. But here’s my new staff, with minimal qualification, minimal skills but with an amazing PA. Will make any boss feel small!!

And then there’s that other problem…


Reject application.

I laughed.

She frowned. “I can’t lift a pen, I know that, but there must be something for me to do here….” looks around.

It was just so sweet of her. I love how she just wanted to spend time with me. Or actually, she’s reallllyyyyy bored she’d work anywhere.

I kissed her. “Aww Opah…no one would hire you… but I know what you can do! Come here!”

She just looked at me.

“Oh sorry…” I ran back to her and pushed her wheelchair.

“You can model for me!!”











Opah’s wearing myΒ Sereni & Shentel Ice Ice Baby in Yellow and some shirt she sewed herself.

You can also get the same one at FashionValet.net. The headband I mean, the shirt is umm…limited edition.

HAHHAHAHAHA. Good ad for hair growth products no??!!

Oh god, stomachache.

Not sure if Sereni or Shentel would hire Opah as their model, but A for effort, maybe????? She just needs to lose a bit of weight….

Sigh, Opah, I hope you know how much I love you and how colourful you make my life! πŸ™‚