pd the contractor

November 8, 2010

You know what else is fun about fashion shows?


The main thing is obviously to see the collection, but you can open your eyes and see all sorts of characters sitting by the side of the runway.

The ones I don’t get are the pretentious people who wear sunglasses and pout. What is wrong?! Are your eyes swollen? Is it bright indoors?? Cos last time I checked, the spotlight was on the models, not us. It’s hilarious, their expressions don’t move. It’s the I’m-sexy-and-sultry-I-look-like-this-all-the-time look, cross-legged, bored-to-death look. They look so unhappy to be there.

For me, if I don’t want to be somewhere, I’ll just get up and leave (which I did at one of the MIFA shows). If not, I’ll enjoy myself and actually clap for the designers. Show some appreciation after they have extended their invitation to you.

My rendition of pretentious.

Headband: Shopbop

Sunglasses: Chanel

Maxidress: Pop Look

Belt: MNG

Events have to take a back seat now because I am putting a big priority sign on my new office right now. I’ve been so busy setting up my new office and seeing it all slowly come to life is just an amazing feeling.

Today, I went to IKEA and got myself a table and 4-chair set at RM195.

Less than 200 bucks for table and chairs!!!!!! Cheaper than a Zara top!!! If I sold one Zara top, I could probably afford a bookcase next. Hehe.

Ok so I’m about to show you LOTS of pictures because I’m just sooo happy that I fixed the table and chairs ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!!

At first I was like huhhh? What are all these poles and screws? But I got the hang of it and got so excited I had to tell the whole world.

Super unhappy. Where are all the men when you need them??

Getting the hang of it

Moving on to the table…Wooottt!

Okla, I did get some help. A for effort and enthusiasm, D- for skills.

But she clapped for me when I finished a chair so that was nice!


Isn’t it awesome!?!!!!!

I did that with my own two hands. I knew I was a contractor at heart. Man, making tables and chairs are easy! I could do it in my sleep now. Anyone else needs their tables and chairs fixed? *blows nails*

See the things that get me excited in life? I’m a simple girl. Hehe.

p/s: I haven’t been in touch with PD readers lately and I really apologise. I really want to reply emails but I’m so busy, please give me time yeah? If urgent, pls put URGENT in the subject and I’ll get back to you asap. I got scolded by one of my best friends today for not replying her messages, so yeah, thought I’d apologise to some of the readers who have been emailing me too. I really appreciate them πŸ™‚