sony camera review

November 4, 2010

A blogger’s best friend is really her laptop, her fingers, AND a camera.

I often take pictures and capture moments so I find cameras a necessity. A MUST! Hence, I am super picky about cameras.

I wouldn’t just do any camera review, but I just HAVE to tell you guys about the Sony Cybershot DSC-TX9 camera!

It comes in 3 colours; black, pink and gold.

I was given the pink one, but I think gold is nice too 🙂

It followed me around to work today and I was so jakun taking pictures of everything,

The colour is very sharp, don’t you think??

This is just me trying to see if this camera can make me look nice. Sigh…like my mom always says, “Dah Tuhan bagi muka macam tu, nak buat macam mana?” whenever I complain to her that she always makes me so uggers.

Ignore my face, but look at how vivid the colours are? I was quite amazed.

Ok, I had to give the camera a rest as I continued working.

That night, I had a sleepover at Toots. She’s traveling so as usual, our tradition: we’ll have a sleepover the night before to soak up all the I’ll-miss-you-ness. We’re romantic like that.

I drove to her house looking like this.

In my super comfortable kaftan, I just brought my handbag, laptop and some documents.

To my surprise, this was how SHE looked like.

Matching kaftans!!! Man, we’re so meant to be.

I was excited to test out the camera properly with her, so we went through the features together. Seriously right…I love this camera! So many features and modes!!

You can choose which colour background you want. I’m not a pink kind of girl, but since we were both all in pink and the camera I got was pink, I thought might as well go all out and choose pink as the colour of the screen.

It’s touch screen, so all we have to do is tap! I don’t like fingerprint marks on screens, so I like this camera because you can just tap with your nails so you won’t have oily fingerprints on your beautiful screen. Oh, and because it’s touch screen, there are no buttons at the side which allows the screen to take up the whole camera.

Ok so we tested the features right…

There’s the normal Auto mode which admittedly is my most-used mode -____-

Then there’s the Scene Selection mode; dark, bright, food, pets, snow, beach, etc.

Taken with the Gourmet mode.

There’s also this Soft Skin mode that Toots and I immediately LOVED.

Normal mode

Soft Skin mode.

Any blemish on your face is gone and you’ll seen like you have flawless-like skin!!

We both went “Omg, Soft Skin me!!!” and shoved the camera to the other person as we smile and pose.

Toots with Soft Skin mode.

Ignore her hair. We both had a long day la ok?!

Soft Skin with Flash

Ok I look crappy after a long day (all shiny some more!) but look at Toots! She had a big pimple on her forehead and using the Soft Skin mode, it disappeared!!!! I swear!!

Can you imagine how much fun girls will have with this camera?! Deceiving, man!

Then I tried this Anti Motion Blur mode.

I made a big wave with my hands and it captured a perfect still picture. Wasn’t blurry. Ok, well, that’s probably because I was moving my hand slowly.

So I tested it further and moved my arms faster.

Not bad right? On other cameras, fast movements cannot be captured! It’ll just be a big mesh of colours.

Then, I tried to move furiously!

And it captured this!

This one, I was moving really really fast. Almost trying to shake myself off. And it still managed to keep a relatively still picture since you can still recognize my face and fingers. You can probably see that brown patch on my umm…chest. That was where my hands were a nano-second before.

There’s also a Hi- Speed Shutter mode where you can take a moving picture and make it seem like a still one. Good for live sports games if you’re into that!

The level of amazement increased when I found this Background Defocus mode.

It looks so professional!!!

I just love this blurry effect to create a dreamy-like photo and pull more focus towards a wanted point. No more need for Photoshop if you want to blur background. Just one click with this camera.

And my most jakun picture of all!


You know those really wide photos that capture a huge area? Well I thought you can only achieve that with SLRs! But with this Sony camera, you can get that effect too.

You just click and move the camera slowly like making a semi circle. It will process and TA-DA!!

Really good when you have a huge group of people to take, or at events where you want to take a wider angle to show more in the photo!

And if you’re really artsy fartsy, you can combine all these features together into a photo that really does not need any more editing. It’s like having a mini touch screen no-fuss SLR!

The TX9 is RM 1,499.

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