TLC Series: The wrap-up

November 24, 2010

When you do something good, you shouldn’t do it to get recognition or even to expect anything in return. You do it for genuine reasons; to help others, to make yourself happy, or anything else that motivates you to do something good.

I participated in the TLC Promise Me programme., not because I wanted fame or fortune, but I really wanted to be able to help someone and in the process, help me become a more grounded person too.

Mdm Chan is a stroke victim and after getting to know her and her daughter, I realized that I’ve got it good. Not the material things, but the fact that I have all my senses working and I don’t need assistance to walk/talk etc. You really never know how to appreciate something until it’s gone.

I got a Raya message from Mdm Chan and it felt so good to be remembered by her! Like I said, never expect anything after you’ve given your all for a good cause, but when you actually DO get something back, it’s a bonus!

Like this TLC recognition certificate.

TLC had a wrap-up event to close the TLC Promise Me campaign. I wasn’t able to attend due to my schedule, but I got some pictures from Nuffnang for you guys to see.

All of the Nuffnang bloggers who participated got up to get their certificates and had a group photo with all the other participants. Must’ve been fun to gather and share stories!

Thanks to TLC for organizing this campaign, thanks to Nuffnang for letting me be a part of this campaign, thanks to A Cut Above and Mimpikita for being my awesome sponsors, and thanks Mdm Chan and Cathy for letting me into your lives.

Even without this TLC programme, we should all do our part in helping the lives of others in any way we can.

P/S: You can read about my TLC Promise Me experience with Mdm Chan by entering “TLC Series” in the PD search box on the side bar.