total tote-rs

November 30, 2010

As much as I love Chanel bags, I have to admit that I haven’t touched them in a while. I can hear my dad going “See I told you!!!”.

Is it just me, or do I feel like everyone has a similar Chanel these days?! Like everywhere you go, you’ll see one that looks like yours. Regardless if it’s Chanel or not, the design is the same. Chain handles, lock clasp, quilted.

One thing about those classic flap bags is that it’s a tad bit unsuitable for work. Nowadays, I carry my laptop everywhere I go so I need a bag that can accommodate my little lappy.

So I like tote bags now.

Big bags that I can just put about anything in them. Even my little Niece! Wouldn’t that be fun?! Take your Niece to work in your handbag.

Anyway, some of the totes that are in my Like list recently…

Louis Vuitton

Sasha Rowena Silhouette Tote (soon available on


Red Tote via Pop Look

Was a tough choice between red and blue!!

Roberto Cavalli tote that I love so much I wore it to MIFW.

Mulberry Alexa

Mine and Sof’s Alexas stacked up for some bag love.

Top: Sandro

Headband: Alainn Batik in Purple via

On a different topic, Sof’s been having a tiring and stressful week in London with work and whatnot. Sending you some duck love, Sof!! Chin up!