a good christmas present

December 21, 2010

The best thing about having FashionValet.net is that I can actually shop while working!! I don’t do this often (strict policy by my partner) but sometimes I just can’t resist.

I just LOVEEEE this new Elizabeth Cole line we brought in recently. Simple gold-plated Zodiac necklaces. Too bad the Saggitarius ones were gone, so I had no choice but to get the Virgo one. V for Vivy. Hehe. Totally defeats the purpose of the zodiac-ness, but whatever.

You can also get your own here.

Wore this the whole of Saturday. I wanted something very simple yet still stylish for a relaxed Saturday so I styled this necklace with a V-neck basic Zara top tucked into somewhat high-waisted pants (gold buttons to match my gold Virgo necklace!).

Some of our friends came over to the office to pick up their packages and we dragged them to the tiny wall of fame to pose for a snapshot. Think I’m going to decorate that wall with frames of people holding up the FV packaging! It’ll be a super cool wall, don’t you think?! OMG that’s a genius idea! Ok you can start sending us pictures of yourselves with the FV folder if you have one!

Then had teh tarik session with Stella!!! Yep, my London homie’s back!!!!! So happy to have her back! And you’ll know where to find me on Christmas eve; stuffing my face in her mother’s kitchen.

I’m kinda stuck in a style rut now. All I wear is white and navy for some reason!!

I need to start investing in some more coloured clothes. That’s it, bright yellow jumpsuit for me tomorrow.