awesome presents

December 12, 2010

I was waiting for the lorry of flowers and chocolates from you guys….

Did it come??


Pftt. No love.

I was in FV office the day before my birthday and heard a knock on the door. Opened and Alia came in with a surprise!

My first thought: Alia, you ate half my cake! Hehe

Secret Recipe was impressed because this was the first design like this with the writing on the board! Very cute!

Top and Belt: Butterfly by Matthew Williamson

Pants: Zara

Thank you Alia!!!!!!! You are very sweet! Muah!

The morning of my birthday, I thought I was going to wake up all smiling and grinning ear to ear feeling all amazing and 23.

Instead, I got woken up by my snooze alarm and the first thing I said as a 23 year old: Crap, crap, crap, I’m late!!


On the morning of my birthday which fell on a Saturday, I had to go to the IBS factoryΒ  for a management meeting with all our shareholders as well.

My dad made me work on my birthday!!

So, I was already running late, just kind of showered rinsed myself and put on whatever was closest to me.

I didn’t even have time to wash hair. That’s right, I went out with 22-year old hair. Eww…Hehe.

So half my day was gone because the meeting was early in the morning and ran till lunch. Thank God my Dad was so sweet to tell the restaurant it was my birthday so they gave me complimentary ice cream! Very nice of them πŸ™‚

Top: Massimo Dutti

Went to do my hair and got a birthday discount!! How amazing! Seriously, you should tell people it’s your birthday whenever you buy something.

I came home ready to start my birthday girl mode and was so happy to find a package by someone very very kind and also a PD blog reader!

A cross-stitched message!!!!!!!! It was just the sweetest ever that this amazing lady took the time to do this for me, complete with the yellow duck and all!!! If I had to do this for someone, I’d start cross-stitching a year before their birthday (and even that, I don’t even know if I’d finish!)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to this wonderful girl, Syirah Ahmad πŸ™‚

And also all of my friends who gave me presents and flowers!Β  Love you guys.

Thank you for all the wishes on Twitter and Facebook. You guys made my day!

There were surprises too from Dean, Toots and my sister which I will blog about soon πŸ™‚