favourite cartoon EVER

December 19, 2010


I got to actually sit down and watch a whole movie without any distractions or stress.

When it comes to movies, I’m very much a caveman because I have no idea what movies are playing right now. But I heard people talking so much about Despicable Me and it got me itchy to watch this “BEST EVER OMG YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT” cartoon.

I planned to crash at my sister’s house to watch the cartoon with her and also visit Opah. (She’s sleeping there right now because great-grandkids > granddaughter -___-)

So bought some unhealthy stuff from pasar malam and found myself stuffing my face with keropok lekor on my sister’s couch.

At pasar malam, my sister BBMed “HURRY!! Opah is sitting in the living room!”

That’s a big deal for us because Opah loves to coop herself up in her own room and she’s veryyy lazy to get up and sit anywhere else. So I rushed to her house to catch ths sight of Opah in the living room. Hahaha sighhh the amusing things in our lives… we are very cool people.

Anyway, Despicable Me was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I love the cartoon so much omgggg… “A unicorn!! OMG IT’S SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE!!”

Even Opah laughed. She doesn’t know what’s going on obviously, but I’m pretty sure the yellow minions got to her.

I want yellow minions ๐Ÿ™

I try to go visit Opah everyday but work is piling up and I went to Bangkok, so she kind of merajuk with me. But don’t worry, I found a way to make her smile!

Headband: Sereni & Shentel

Earrings: Ola

Next cartoon I want to watch is the one with the Meatballs thingy. The one with food falling from the sky! Sounds yummy and heavenly! Genius concept.

Anyone seen it?