i feel loved

December 9, 2010

Ahhh I love December…It’s definitely the time for Saggitarians to be loved.

Last week was Let’s Love Vivy week or something because I got gifts from some of my loved ones! The only time my loved ones even notice me. *cries*

So as you know from the previous post, Toots got me a Hermes scarf.

Then I got a card from Chanel. Was soooo excited thinking I got a free bag or something.


But next best thing though; got a free makeover and free gift. Haven’t actually claimed it yet.

Then, Alia came and surprised me with some yummy breakfast, along with this handmade note!

Oh, speaking of Alia, she has been working hard too for the YCMS Summit 2010 this Saturday.

What?!! You DON’T know about the YCM Summit?? Dude.. *slaps forehead*

Ok read this.

It’s really beneficial, actually, for us young motivated people. There will be a panel of speakers from Asia to give us inspiration and knowledge in their own respective fields. I WOULD have registered long time ago, but it’s unfortunately on my birthday (it also was on my birthday last year, I really need to have a word with the committee…) and I have plans. Pftt.

But if it’s not your birthday, you can register here.

Ok back to presents.

Then my mom gave me a present.

A FRIDGE for the office!!

I love her.

She knows I like my cold Vitagens.

This will soon be filled with Paddle Pops and heart-shaped ice cubes.

I was so excited to officiate the fridge and planned to buy half of the grocery store this weekend to fill in the new fridge.

But I see people have already violated the fridge.


And THEN, my dad’s office gave FV a present too!!

A friend for the fridge!!

Water thingy so we will never be dehydrated.

I never realised these things can be quite expensive and I’m soooo glad I have such kind people around me who “donate” stuff to FV. They all understand how tough it can be for start-ups and they haven’t stopped coming over with food and goodies. Haha. Alhamdulillah!


Next item…..

Who’s going to buy us a microwave?

OooOoOOHHH forget that…

We really actually want a flat-screen TV for Christmas.