i’d like one toots, please

December 23, 2010

Listen to this song while you read this post!

Lean On Me

I thank God for all that I am and I have. I have all my senses, I have a roof over my head, I have clothes to cover myself, I have food to keep me alive, I have a beautiful family, an amazing guy and people who genuinely love me. On top of that, God gave me an easy career life (so far!) and even let me start something of my own at a young age.

There are many like me.

But what may be slightly different about me is that I have a blog that gets more attention than some, and with that comes a lot of mixed responses. I get a lot of people commenting on my lifestyle, my career, my clothes…even bad that I’m so immune to it! Seriously, guys, the secret to blogging actively is to be tough because you’re gonna get LOADS of hurtful comments. Nothing you do is right and people actually LOOK for things wrong with you.

You talk about handbags, you are a brat. You talk about your day, you are a bimbo. You talk about religion, you are unqualified. You talk about clothes, you are superficial. You talk about about happiness, you’re high. You talk about career, you’re pretentious. You talk about charity, you’re an actress. You are everything la! There will always be people talking about you, whether you’re naughty or nice, whether you have a blog or not.

Humans have this thing where they can’t see people happy, it’s called jealousy.

Everyone has a little bit of that in our hearts!

So, don’t get mad!

It ain’t pretty, on the inside and on the outside.

Just keep a good head on your shoulders and stay true to yourself.

My mom always tells me, “Rezeki comes from God, not from people. Just do your thing and remember God. It’ll all be alright”.

See Ma, I listen!!!

These words are just some of the most soothing words ever because it makes me realise that I always need to have faith in God and in myself. People don’t determine where you go in life, that’s God’s decision. So don’t ever let people take you down, don’t ever fear people’s actions or words because there’s another force that is above all. And don’t waste your time hating others because (1) what good will it do?? and (2) God chose to give everyone different paths in life.

Lucky for me, I have people I love in my life who keep reminding me these things. They are so down to earth and are genuinely nice people because I really choose who I want to be close to. I always believe that you deserve who you end up with; the good will be with the good, and vice versa.

So I must be SOMEWHAT good because I ended up having a best friend like Toots.

A best friend who keeps me sane and grounded and purposely leaves the sejadah open after she prays to make sure I don’t miss my prayers. She is seriously the most humble person I have ever known despite all the luxuries and achievements in life, and I really admire her for her values.

On the day she finished her CA exams, I took her on a manicure + macaroons date. Pampered ourselves with mani pedi, then came back down to earth to have some teh ais.

Everybody needs a Toots in their lives, and I hope you’ve got yours too ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t usually feel this much love for her (gonna puke in a few seconds), but I read this post she wrote. So with this post, in other words, I’m saying “AWWW I LOVE YOU TOO.”