i’m never cutting hair again

December 25, 2010

I don’t know what’s up with me and cartoons these days, but…


Tough fight between Rapunzel and Despicable Me now.

My cousins from Penang are in town so I took them to Penang Village (I know…I’m really creative…) and movie date after. We conquered the whole row and laughed our butts off when Rapunzel actually left her tower and went mental for a while.

Ok I don’t want yellow minions anymore…I want Maximus!!!! And that other green Pascal too… (I wanna say frog…?)

Anyway, the most special thing about tonight was…..MY MOM came along with us.

If you know my mom, you’d know that she’s sooooo not the cinema type. She’s all “ish apa orang buat gelap-gelap dalam tu!!” so it’s such a task for us to bring her out for a movie that we just give up. She probably goes to the cinema maybe once every 5 years? And we have to actually guilt-trip her into spending time with us. But this was a special occasion because it’s once a year that my cousins come! And I KNOW she enjoyed Rapunzel, probably wiped a tear or two when Rapunzel kissed Eugene @ Flynn.


We all actually went AWWWWW at the end and all left the cinema smiling and vowing to grow our hair.

Just so you all know, I can confirm that I’m not a lost princess. 🙁

I asked my mom if I’m really hers or am I really a lost princess and have magical powers I should know about.




I tried singing and everything…. I think some hair even fell off.

P/S: Did you know Rapunzel was Mandy Moore?!! She can really sing, huh?!!

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