my 23rd birthday

December 18, 2010

Super long picture-heavy birthday post..

So, I told Dean that I didn’t want anything big this year. Just family and best friends, quiet dinner at home or something. Not that I didn’t want to celebrate, but I was genuinely tired! So many things on my plate right now that I didn’t even have time to plan my own birthday! So I thought, ah nvm la, it’s just a birthday, no biggie.

But my loved ones knew me better.

To them, that meant “Oh crap, she wants a surprise birthday party.”


Dean, Toots and my sister collaborated and reaaalllyyy tiptoed around me so as to not spoil the surprise. Even my parents knew and didn’t say anything.

I had suspicions because:

  • Dean started being secretive with his phone. Started tilting it away from me when he’s trying to read a text etc.
  • My sister called Dean. With me, she was all “I ALWAYS call Dean!” -___- She never calls him.
  • Toots texted Dean. I bbm-ed her and she was like “WHAT?! We’re good friends!” -___- They’re not.
  • Someone called Dean when we were on the way to the surprise and he said “Yeah…yeah…Almost…”
  • Dean asked me the way to the restaurant because he had to do something there and I said “Yeah, I’ll show you the way later.” and when we were near, he seemed to know the way. “Eh, I thought you didn’t know the way??”…silence….
  • And the biggest suspicion of all…DEAN THROWS ME A SURPRISE PARTY EVERY YEAR.


But this time was special. This was the effort of my 3 loved ones combined and I felt sooo loved by them. Dean was in charge of me, Toots was in charge of the party itself and my sister was in charge of the cake and keeping her mouth shut (we don’t keep secrets from each other, you see…)

Toots was at the restaurant at 1pm ready to set up. She practically emptied her house and brought decorations, lamps and stuff. She taped each balloon onto the ceiling hurting her neck and back, and even made a slideshow of ME! She didn’t even have time to do her make up because she wanted everything to be perfect for me. For best friends who go “Oh no, you again” on normal days, this day was realllyyyy special.

Even though I had suspicions, I wasn’t sure sure! I wish I was though because I would’ve dressed up better and actually washed my hair!!

Ian was here too all the way from Melbourne, but I can’t seem to find pictures of him in my camera!! No one bothered to snap him. Haha. Just have to mention this because he might feel all unloved. Hehe.

My cake was just A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! It meant so much to me because it involved both major things in my life; Proudduck and Both things in my life that I just love and I’m so proud of. Before my 23rd birthday, a piece of my dream came true and I saw it all written on my cake. πŸ™‚

By Gateaux-licious, of course.

They put all the brands on FV with a little sugar thingy of their signature pieces!

I didn’t want to cut it πŸ™ So no one got to eat cake that day. Haha.

Top: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Scarf: Hermes

Jeans: 7 for All Mankind

Bag: Balenciaga

The downside was the cleaning up part. We had to put everything back into Toots’ car so she can fill up her house again. Hehe.

Also managed to stop by the roadside to see Shiks and Aisyah for like 2 mins.Β  They were so sweet to give me flowers! πŸ™‚

Nighttime came and I usually will have a nice dinner somewhere. This year, we went to Prime Le Meridien. Some yummyyyy steak for our tummies.

If you want to feel special, DO NOT go to Prime for your birthday. There were like 10 other birthdays in that restaurant and it was birthday song after birthday song! By the time the cake came to our table, everyone’s like yeah yeah familiar song, heard it 10 times tonight. πŸ™ Guess a lot of people go there for special occasions.

And it wasn’t cool that the waiter gave the cake to Toots.


Look how happy she was! Haha

My birthday dress was by Nurita Harith. She designed this dress and took into account all of my requests; long dress and with sleeves.

Oh I just love it!! She did soft flowy sleeves and for the bottom part she did some draping that when I walked, it kinda flowed as if the wind was blowing. I don’t know how to explain it. I can’t be a designer! Haha.

Nurita used petals as a theme for my dress and we loved it so much that we are bringing this Petals line to FV very very soon!

Exclusive collaboration between FV and Nurita Harith.

I finally cut my special cake with my colleagues! Rushing like mad because I was leaving to Bangkok that morning. Hence the jeans. I never wear jeans to work!

This birthday was a full birthday. I was busy the whole day and I had more people to celebrate with; family and friends, colleagues, staff, partners….It just felt more meaningful and more adult-ish. And I love my sister, Dean and Toots on a whole other level! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much guys!!! And thank you to all friends who came for the surprise tea for me πŸ™‚ Oh and the awesome presents!! πŸ™‚

That night I slept sooooooo well. Am pretty sure I snored too. Part of getting old, eh?