new year

December 6, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!

Mom won’t approve of this… so umm let’s do this again.


Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharam slash Maal Hijrah to all Muslim PD readers.

I have to admit, I forgot that it was this time of the year again. I didn’t even know tomorrow was a public holiday until someone told me!! Mom was quick to call me this morning…

“I want you back at 6.”


A REALLY HEAVY SIGH… The I-Don’t-Know-How-My-Daughter-Turned-Out-Like-This kind of sigh.

“How can you not know this? Today is the last day.”


Last day?! That sounds scary…

“It’s the new year after Asar today. You should come home early so we can doa for the new year and baca Yasin. If you don’t want to, then I don’t know what to say la. I have taught my daughters all this and if they don’t want to listen, I cannot do anything I can just pray to God that He will grant you taufik and hidayah one day Mommy don’t know what else to do Tell you guys you guys don’t want to listen Don’t tell you guys also Mommy would be wrong I am a mother I have to remind my children these things If I don’t remind I’m not doing my job as mother.”

“So, 6 yeah?”


“Ok. Love you, bye Ma!!”

So at 6, we had Mommy-Daughter time listening to ceramah and reading the Yasin. Sigh…it’s really nice and refreshing to have a mom who really pulls me back down to Earth when I’m so caught up in other things in life.

There was a live Doa on TV1 and don’t say I didn’t remind you all!!

What’s YOUR resolution this Islamic year?

Mine is the usual: Try not to miss prayers and ganti all my puasa. Insyaallah!