rockin around the christmas tree

December 29, 2010

The fun thing about making friends from all races and religions is that you get to learn and broaden your knowledge on others’ cultures. I love how respectful Malaysians are with our mutli-cultural country and how we always show interest in one another, despite the occasional sensations made by some.

We live in a harmonious country and please let it remain that way.

Every year, Stella will come over and pay respects during Raya and I do the same when Christmas comes! She’ll eat ketupat and rendang and I’ll eat roast beef and lamb (her mom makes sure it’s halal for me… So thoughtful!)

My favourite dauphinoise potatoes that her mom makes especially for me. I get one whole bowl just for me to take home.. drool….

Blair Headband: Sereni & Shentel

Basic Tank Top: C’est Si (Thai brand coming soon on

Sequin Cardigan: FCUK

Leggings: Topshop

Red Shoes: Aldo

And of course my own stocking! Will come in handy when I need to wear my sneakers. Ok lame joke, sorry. Every year!

I didn’t think a Santa costume would flatter me, so I came in with a hint of Christmas colours! Green on top and red at the bottom.

Stella and I reunited!!

Best part of Christmas; presents!! I gave Stella and her family presents from in the special XL packaging 🙂

This whole presents idea is awesome. Nothing ever grows below the trees in MY house!! Pftt.

It was great fun catching up in the midst of happy people in festive mood! I came back home, pretty tired from the laughing and camwhoring, even my headband came off at the end of the night! Hehe.

Ok, I’m late but MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you who celebrate it!!

Hope you ate lots and Santa (i.e. Dad….that’s right, sorry but I’m not gonna lie to little kids) gave you lots of pressies!