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December 1, 2010

See, we all think we’re teeth models here.

But you know what? Don’t be fooled…each one of us had a story.

Most of our stories; BRACES.

I was supposed to put a picture of me wearing braces here, but I decided I love myself too much to publish.

That’s right… I have a confession to make. When I was 10, I need braces. For freaking 2 years. My teeth were severely rosak, all over the place! One decided to grow to the right, the neighbour decided to grow to the left. It was a little party in there.

Mom and dad were embarrassed to show me to their friends. So they snuck me into the dentist’s office.

I was sooo scared. The dentist pulled out 4 teeth (normal procedure for braces I THINK?) And so, me and my four-less teeth opened wide for the metal stuff to be put on each tooth. Now, that was a fun few hours of my life.

I thought I looked so cool afterwards, actually. After a while I learned to love my braces and all the kids in school thought it was so cool (they actually didn’t…). You could get coloured rubber thing for your braces so every few weeks I would change colours. Alternate baby blue and pink, all white, and the worse, I did all black for a month. I looked like some gothic child.

Oh and I wanted my teeth to look whiter, so I asked the dentist to put in white colour rubbers on my braces.


Do not, I repeat, do not opt for white-rubbered braces.

Because after all those curry and tumeric, they freaking turn yellow so you’ll walk around with yellow teeth for a while until your next dentist appointment!

Of course there are other ways to whiten your teeth. The expensive and painful way is to go for all those whitening and bleaching stuff which cost thousands.

Why not just go the conventional way and use whitening toothpaste , floss and generally take care of your teeth.

My current fav is Darlie All Shiny White. It whitens and restores teeth to its natural state in just 14 days! Plus the pink packaging (Mineral Salt variant) is just too cute.

And yes, listen to your mom and don’t eat that candy (for teeth AND for cellulite reasons, dah-ling).

And these painful visits too!

I think healthy and clean teeth are important. They don’t have to be perfectly aligned or white as cloth, but the very least, it MUST be clean and somewhat white.

Let’s face it, we all get turned off when we’re meeting people and their teeth are so yellow. We don’t even want to deal with them professionally, let alone date them!

Sometimes, yellow teeth are hereditary and people can’t help it! Very kesian ok.. I know very clean people who brush their teeth and floss and don’t eat curry and all that, but still don’t have white teeth. Maybe they just haven’t found the right whitening toothpaste. So who knows, Darlie whitening toothpaste might just work for them!

Healthy teeth definitely takes us a long way, in career and in love life. I’m being serious here!

Darlie is having a White Mission contest.

Just play this game, guys, seriously. It’s quite addictive.

And if you win, you’ll get to win a White Trip for 2 to Mount Fuji in JAPAN!!!!! And Nintendo Wii, Sony MP3 Walkmans and thumbdrives. All White of course!! BUT JAPAN!!!! Oh god, I so want it.

Go on, start mining here and whiten your teeth. I just did.

Don’t I look cool? I could be a rapper with that sparkle!!