thai iced tea

December 23, 2010

I’ve always wondered why Air Asia has these red covers on some seats and not others…can someone help clarify this so I can sleep better at night?

For our Bangkok trip, we flew with Air Asia! Asma’ was all “I know LCCT at the back of my hand”, so I just followed her lead. And we were busy eating 1901 hotdogs and that crepe thingy (I loveee how they have these food booths right at the waiting area!), and suddenly..

“Can these passengers please identify themselves…Asma’…Vivy…”


I’ve NEVER had my name called out in the airport. So freaking embres….Don’t believe Asma’ anymore.

Anyway since we were late, we went right to the back where they had three empty seats together. We were thinking, “SWEETTTT…A lot of space for US!!” And we settled ourselves smiling, thinking we had the best deal amongst everyone else on the plane.

Umm no…There’s a reason why no one wants to sit at the back. The seats don’t recline. AT ALL! So we ended up trying to sleep doing all sorts of arms-flying legs-bending yoga poses.

And the static hair thingy on planes. Why does it happen?!!

Since we couldn’t sleep ,we started brainstorming on FV and this is a sketch Asma’ made…

It’s a top, apparently. Not sure what kind…

Finally we were about to land.

I’m the type that dreads landing. I actually suck in and hug my tummy and just berzikir like no other when I’m about to land anywhere. I did the same for this trip.

Then I looked to my right…

…..cannot bring anywhere this girl…

We arrived at the hotel, freshened up and off we went for back to back meetings.

Got to take some pictures throughout the day, of course. It’s a must! We were tourists after all…

At this place called Coffee Bean by Dao in Siam Paragon mall – a MUST-go if you are ever in Bangkok.. the food there is sooooo goood!!!!! I would fly to Bangkok just for the curry fried kuey teow again…

So tired the first day we just couldn’t be bothered to eat anywhere else but in bed. I hardly ever order room service because I’ve always been taught that room service is a luxury (it’s so expensive!) so we ordered the cheapest meals on the menu that would still satisfy our grumbling stomachs.

Early morning breakfast. Breakfast was by the river and it was so nice! The weather was breezy, the sun was out, it wasn’t raining…

But I didn’t enjoy breakfast! It sucks that hotels abroad don’t cater for halal meat, so all I could have were the boring fruit stuff. No sausage or beef bacon ๐Ÿ™

I had a little complimentary birthday cake!! But the wind was blowing so they tried everything to keep the candle lit. Eh whatever la, I just want to eat the cake!

Last meal in Bangkok at the airport. (I didn’t drink anything but Thai iced tea there – so yums – we need more of these in Malaysia! The authentic Thai kind…)

My new favourite obsession. I wouldn’t share this with anyone.