December 16, 2010

1) The comments on my Olay post was overwhelming!! I’ve never had that many comments on a post before. I’m going to have hell of a time trying to choose one person to giveaway.

2) I am soooooo sorry to the readers who emailed me and haven’t received a reply. I don’t know what to say anymore except I will try to reply them asap. 🙁 Been very busy, I’m sorry. But do the “Urgent” thing in the subject k! I’ve been replying most of the Urgent ones diligently, right? 🙂 But don’t be silly and write me silly stuff with URGENT on them. As much as I’d love to hear stories about your day, what you should have for lunch is NOT an urgent matter.

3) I just got back from Thailand!!! Went there for a short trip and Alhamdulillah, I signed on a few Thai ready to wear designers who I find have amazing collections. Asma’ was there too, so she had the strict eye to filter. She was all “Yes, No. No. No. Yes. No.” We only want the best quality for FashionValet.net, InsyaAllah.

I can’t wait to launch our Thai designers!!

We are also launching 7 more of our very own home-grown Malaysian brands, but we are still being very selective. We are researching Singaporean and Indonesian brands, and I just cannot believe how well FV is doing. At the pace we are going, I am just so so so so thankful to God for all He has given us. God paved the way so smoothly for us and InsyaAllah, with our hard work, FV will be a success worldwide one day. 🙂

The 2 days we were in Thailand, we had such a packed schedule. Designer after designer after designer that our feet hurt so bad by the end of each day. And the jam in Bangkok did not help! (Not as bad as Jakarta though….In Jakarta, you might as well have meetings IN your car.)

We were late to meet a designer so we decided to take the TukTuk!!

Sooooo fun!!!!!!!

I was all WHEEEEEEEE when the driver swerved left and right. It was like being in a car without doors. Super wild, we girls were.

My Thai friend was all, “Your dad is going to kill me if he knows about this.”


Well now, everyone will know about it.:P

That’s right, FOUR girls squeezed in the back and the driver took up the whole front seat.

But don’t expect your hair to stay all nice. Wearing a hijab is really smart, actually…

Top: Tri-Os

Earrings: Ola

Embarrassing Malaysian tourists

But the air is kinda polluted and many people have dripped sweat in the tuktuk so don’t touch anything there.

I was just holding on like this for those dangerous corners and all. Hilarious.

Checking out…Very sad in my heart. Already missing my Thai homies.

By the way, how cool is my friend’s bag?!!!!

We uncool-ed it with our keropok ikan that we brought from KL. Hehe. That’s what you get if you wear see-through bags; your friends take advantage cos they can see that you have some more space.

Bangkok is so cool! The toilets had these accessories on the mirror; necklaces, hats, etc. We just couldn’t resist putting on the tourist mode and snap pics.

The aunty next to me didn’t seem to be so impressed with this decor.

Anyway, I have lots more to blog about (and I still haven’t blogged about my birthday surprise!!) but I’ve got to hit the sack now. Lots to do tomorrow in the office.

I’ll just leave you with this picture of Asma’.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m kidding, I wouldn’t torture you like that…..




But guess what we found in the cab!!

We were all hugging our boobs after that. Scared.

What the hell do people do in Thailand?!!!