a radiant new year

January 17, 2011

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I am LOVING this Olay White Radiance range!

I have been trying it for a while now and I find that I donโ€™t even have to wear much make-up to even out my skintone. Admittedly, I HAVE been very lazy these days to do the routine make-up thing.

For me to do that, I actually need OK-looking skin so people donโ€™t stare and point. :”(

Since Olay is such an established brand, I trust it enough to let it do magic to my skin. Ever since using the Olay White Radiance Essence and Cream, I know it works!

I feel a lot better and more radiant, my parents have dropped some nice comments and Dean has been smiling at me more. And I donโ€™t even need to use the primer/highlighter (make up, not the Staedler highlighter, dear boysโ€ฆslaps forehead) for my โ€œspecial occasionโ€ make-up.

I have gone through half the tub already!

Am probably doing this all wrong because I honestly donโ€™t think youโ€™d need that much cream for it to work. But I canโ€™t help it because it actually SMELLS good. In fact, the other Olay product I used before this (Olay Regenerist) also smells good, so I am so curious to go visit and smell the Olay factory! Haha ok Iโ€™ll stop with the smelling things.

Anyway, I have substituted my moisturizer completely because this Olay White Radiance cream is now my moisturizer. So on top of looking having a smoother radiant, youโ€™ll actually have something to inhibit UV raysโ€™ effects of melanin production.

PIGMENTATION, FOR GODโ€™S SAKEโ€ฆ (didnโ€™t you read my post about this cream?!!)

Before bedtime, getting ready to remove make-up and slap on my cream.

Since you guys were such INTERESTED students in my Olay White Radiance previous post, I thought I would reward my best student with an Olay White Radiance Cream! (Not the one above that I kissed and salivated all over, obviouslyโ€ฆ.a brand new one!)

This cream is worth RM129.90.

Now just like my previous Olay giveaway post, youโ€™re going to have to answer a question.

The question is:



Hahahaahahahah. Iโ€™m kidding!!!! Gosh, Iโ€™m so lame it hurts.

Ok seriously, the question is:

Try to un-juggle these letters to make it into a word related to Olay White Radiance.


Hint; This ingredient is the crucial ingredient to help act on melanin production

Not really a question, but I thought Iโ€™d do something different this time. Please do not disappoint Teacher Vivy. I have already explained this in the previous post!!

As usual, I will pick a winner at random and you will be glowing in the next 8 weeks. Or even sooner if you have extra happy and radiant hormones.

P/S: My aunty uses this cream too and she loves it! HI CIK YAH!!!! *flying kiss*

Disclaimer: I do not support changing the color of our skin. We should be thankful with what God gave us, but really the intention should be having a more glowy radiant look, a more even skintone and protecting our skin from UV ray.