back to reality

January 7, 2011

Did you know we have so many holidays in the first week of Feb? Hari Wilayah and Chinese New Year. So if you take 2 days leave, you’ll get 9 days holiday including the weekend.

Forgive my young soul, but the first thing I thought about was VACATION!!

Grabbed my phone and BBM-ed Toots.

“I was just thinking the same thing!!”

“So where do we go??”

Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Gold Coast, Thailand, London, Paris, New York… all sorts of places came out in our BBM log.

So we finally settled on a place after much debate.

Then, time.

“I can’t do the first weekend because I have something on bla bla bla..”

“Ok cool, the next weekend then….oh crap, I can’t go, I’ve got a work trip to bla bla bla…”

“OK that leaves us weekdays…”

“Ok, I can go on Tuesday but I need to be back on Wednesday because bla bla bla… pause…. Actually I don’t think I can go…”

“sighh…work’s killing me too.”

Long pause

“Back to reality then?”

“Back to reality, then.”

So we put down our Blackberries and settled for breakfast.

Our week-long adventure in some far away place with awesome activities wearing gorgeous clothes sipping mocktails in the hotel room, laughing and having some best friends quality time…was reduced to…..a breakfast.

So disappointed.

Both Toots and I love our work but is there ever a limit?

The last time we went on a trip together; Australia 2008.

Such distant memories now…

(I visited her when she was studying)

Toots, come on!! It’s 2011!! Let’s just go alreadyyyyy