big baby

January 19, 2011

I’ve been sick! Malay people say “masuk angin” because I had lunch slightly later than usual. Don’t know why my body is being so mengada lately, I usually don’t have this problem. I kept puking in the middle of the night. And anything I ate after that, goes back out. Like what do you want from me, right?!! Eat also wrong, don’t eat also wrong.

When I’m sick, I usually like to sleep in Opah’s or my parent’s room. Cos I’m a BIG BABY, ok? I’ll be curled up in a fetal position, with my laptop and phone nearby of course. Still can’t live without my 2 gadgets, sick or not.

P/S: Don’t you like my David & Goliath pants?! It says “Boys Are Smelly” all over. It comes with the matching top as well, but I don’t think boys are THAT smelly so I just wore the pants that night.

The next day I still went to work since I’d be bored at home and my “masuk angin”-ness isn’t contagious.

Hehe so sexy looking with my zombie-like energy.

Apparently, there’s a bug going around and everyone is getting sick. So protect yourselves. I hope you guys won’t get sick!