double date

January 28, 2011

Alia, Shu, Toots and Titts.

The two BFF sets reunited again, though for a short while.

But it’s newsworthy this time!! Big time!!

One of us just got proposed to.

It was SHURA!!! She’s getting marrieeeddddd!!!!

We had brunch together last weekend and Toots and I were such great audience going ooh and aaahh at Shura’s proposal story. Toots wanted to tear at one time, she’s a big bag of sappy. Alia was anti-social as she has heard this story a gazillion times. Hehe.

Shura telling the big proposal story

Congratulations Shura and future hubby!!!! Can’t wait till the wedding!!

Toots and I were verrryyyyy late to the brunch actually. We were getting ready as fast as we could and we zoomed to the restaurant and did not even muck about in the car.

Uh….traffic jam??

Anyway, got there and before Shura spilled the beans, we got a 10 minute lecture on our tardiness.

What else is there to do? Just look down and nod in regret, Toots!



We didn’t get enough of each other, so dinner had to follow.

Now we’re separated again as Alia and Toots are off for their long holiday (jealous!!) and Shura’s back to Australia.