make the most of it

January 5, 2011

I’m sure you’ve been stuck in a traffic jam. Because there had been an accident somewhere in front, no one is hurt, but people just like to slow down and LOOK, causing a traffic jam a kilometre long.

No, Malaysians are not kepoh. We’re just caring 🙂

Well I’m used to being the one passing by an accident by the side of the road, but today, I was the one by the roadside!!

Asma’ and I were on the way somewhere, then suddenly smoke came out of the “front boot” (I don’t know the term for the boot thing at the front!). We started smelling something burning and my driver stopped the car immediately.

We ran out of the car as quickly as possible, WITH our shopping bags of course (even in times of emergencies, gotta be quick and use brain not to leave VALUABLES behind! I mean, I had to save that batik top I found that was just SO unique and the colour was so gorgeous, nothing like it that I’ve seen around, just the right amount of beadings and the style was so unconventional…ok ok you get it, moving on…)

We called for back up, so while waiting, we were “displayed” by the side of the road and everyone who passed slowed down to see. Some even honked. Man, it’s good to stop traffic, but this wasn’t what I had in mind!!! Everyone was so kepoh winding their windows down to watch us (or maybe that smoke coming out of the engine :s).

Not caring, definitely, because no one actually helped.

Just kepoh.

So Asma’ and I decided to actually GIVE them something to see. Hehe.

We had a mini-photoshoot there.

Leaning against trees, pointing to the beautiful view, stopping cars with the leg out-hand out motion.


My driver took all these pictures and he was shaking his head in embarrassment. I have a feeling he wasn’t even embarrassed about the car, more to be associated with these two loonies.

When help came, we laughed our way back. Even waved a bit.

I realised Asma’ was right (this doesn’t happen often); In any situation, good or bad, make the most of it! Life’s a lot more fun that way.

But seriously, if the situation was a REAL emergency, don’t be stupid and start posing like us.

If there was a fire or something, you freaking run. WITH your valuables.