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January 11, 2011

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It’s weird.

When I was studying in London, everyone wanted to have the tanned fresh-off-my-yacht look. Every pharmacy you go to you’ll find tanning lotions and stuff. The darker the better.

I tried the whole tanning look. Read about it here. It was a disaster.

At the end of the day, you should love your skin colour but you should always try to enhance it by having an even skintone or lightening dark spots. As a whole, I learned to love my skin colour. I’m on the fair side, and now I find that fairer skin gives you more glow and you look fresher and more radiant!

Clearly I’m not alone on this because you’ll see so many whitening treatments in Asia; chemical peels, microdermabrasions, and oh god, whitening injections. No way am I putting needles into my face!! Imagine the pain….

Well, lucky for us, we have an abundance of whitening products in Asia! Say TAKNAK to all these whitening treatments that are not only costly, but also painful and with side effects!

Recently, I tried using Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Essence. It’s not really a serum, nor is it cream….kind of in the middle with a milky texture. This essence helps whitening, luminosity and hydration to our skin! I love the dropper feature!! Makes us aware of how much we’re using so we don’t over or under-use the product.

Then, I paired it with Olay White Radiance CelLucent White Cream. Acts as my moisturizer these days because of its higher hydration power. There’s this new technology that comes with it; shape memory gel which forms a layer of moisture to moisturize face evenly allowing the better reflection of light rays for a smoother radiance!

This cream is really unique actually. The cream is not runny or liquidy…it just stays!! Like you scoop it out of the tub right…and after that it’ll just perk up to normal. Kinda like jelly! I’ve never seen a cream like this.

Ok, lucky for you, I did some research on these Olay products before using them, so I’ll share it with you here. Put on your glasses and white coats cos here comes some Science 101.


Olay White Radiance range uses this CelLucent Complex which contains Niacinamide and some other ingredient, which is the most effective whitening active.

What do they do?!!

Why, I’m glad you asked….

You wanna know what happens when UV rays fall on your skin?!

Well you should, cos it’ll make you smarter.

1) UV rays–> skin–> body’s defence mechanism wanna produce protein Alpha-MSH.
2) Alpha whatever calls the signal receptor in the epidermis and they both wanna start melanin production (pigmentation!!)


3) CelLulent Complex comes to rescue –> temporarily help block the signal receptor to work on this melanin production business
4) Then its friend Niacinamide comes later into the picture to help prevent transfer of melanin to epidermis.
5) Result: The product acts on melanin!! We’ll get true glowing luminous and fair skin that’s dying to come out of us.

Clap clap clap!!! Free Science lesson for us ladies out there. You’re welcome…Man, I should be a science teacher… next class, we’ll talk about photosynthesis… plants, tree, sun….easy peasy!!

So yeah, back to Olay, I’m impressed. I love how they actually TEACH their customers what goes on and how they help prevent all these ageing and pigmentation processes. Not only does our skin look amazing in just 8 weeks, but we actually get to know our skin better*!

Try the Olay White Radiance range for yourself and see how you GLOW in JUST 8 weeks*!

The Essence and The Cream are each RM 129.90.

* with regular use.