my first ever live interview

January 26, 2011



Those were my most used phrases yesterday!

Because it was the day I made history in my life; my first ever LIVE interview on TV.

It wasn’t enough that it was a TV interview, but God has a sense of humour because He decided to make me do it LIVE. *looks up -___-*

I was on Bella on their Fashion segment to talk about Bella is a new show (3 weeks old!) on NTV7 that has such reputable hosts like Elaine Daly, Daphne Iking and Deborah Henry. I was interviewed by Deborah Henry who I have met at events but never spoken to before, and I felt lucky to be sitting so close and breathing the same air as Miss Malaysia!! Wanted to touch her too, but Asma’ gave me the No-You-Don’t-Embarrass-Me look.

My I-want-to-puke face the whole morning

Hazie, Assistant Producer of Bella, filling me in on time slots. As you can see, Asma’ never left my sight because she didn’t trust me to be alone on the gorgeous Bella set. (I don’t blame her…I tripped and almost tore the wallpaper :s)

Meet FV’s new Operations Manager, Wawa! She never left my sight too… Such little faith in me, these people!

Deborah, working the show.

The interview

Suddenly I just wouldn’t shut up!

My kind interview-er

The beautiful Assistant Producer of Bella, Hazie

Oh, just one last picture before I give you guys the link to the show.

Hahahaha. Sorry la, my first time being on set. The true colours had to come out.

I don’t know why I do this to myself, but here you go, here’s the link to my interview on Bella Episode 20. You’re going to have to register on Tonton to watch it, but it’s really worth it because there are soooo many shows you can watch!

If you’re wondering, I’m wearing Mimpikita and Ola earrings. This Mimpikita top will be up on FV tomorrow for Thursday New Arrivals. Be sure to keep checking on when we announce New Arrivals on our Facebook fanpage.

Bella airs every weekday at 11.30 am on NTV7.