night and day

January 3, 2011

Scientists in the world can explain why aeroplanes can fly, why fruits drop from trees, heck, even useless things like why there are bubbles in water.

But no one cared to explain women’s shopping habits.

You should see how Dean and I shop.


Venue: Mall

Time: Last weekend

Task: To buy ONE DUSTBIN for the office.

Dean: Ok, this one is too expensive: Brabantia RM 499.

Me: Yeah… *starts to walk away but pauses to take another good look* BUT it’s been chopped off from RM 1299!!! What a greattttt bargain!!

Dean: No.

Me: But look at the metal bit, and how you can push it and it opens. And push it again and it closes!! Genius scientific revelation.

Dean: *walks away*

Me: *pushes the dustbin thingy a few more times* SO NO THEN?? *shouts after Dean who has left the store*

We go to another store at the other side of the mall.

Me: Ok, so this is RM 79. Let’s get this one then.

Dean: Hmm…is it good though?

Me: IT’S A DUSTBIN, not a car.

Dean: Nah…it doesn’t look very good. We’ll wait till we find the perfect one.

The perfect dustbin  -___-  What I’ve been waiting for all my life.

*mumbles, grumbles, whines, rationalises*

A few minutes later, we go back to the second store and come out with 4 paper bags. We got TWO dustbins (because we need one for the store room) and a magazine rack and two stationery holders and an oversized hand-painted cup and saucer for decoration.

Mission accomplished. And more.



Venue: Any shop in the world

Time: Anytime

Task: To find anything at all

How Dean shops:

1) He’ll make a list on his phone of what to buy

2) Goes to the specific shop

3) Comes out with the specific things in his mind. Maybe even minus one or two because along the way, he realised he didn’t NEED them anymore.

4) If the thing he wants isn’t available, he’ll just shrug, go home and move on with his life.

How I shop:

1) A LIST?!! What ever for? I’ve got it all in my head.

2) Go to the mall (It’s never just one specific shop).

3) Come home with the specific things in my mind. Minus one or two because along the way, I forgot. And add a few things not on list. In fact, there’s only one item actually from the list.

4) Jump up and down –> happy and satisfied –> pause –> panic –> cry –> depressed.

I blame it on the hormones.

Necklace: Elizabeth Cole Zodiac Necklace

Jacket: Sister Margaritta

High-Waisted Pants: Bangkok