pre-university studies after SPM

January 6, 2011

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Honestly, where do you even begin to plan out your education path, let alone choose a career path? For someone who has trouble planning a next-day outfit, you can imagine how it was like figuring out what I wanted to commit my brain to for 3 years of my life; my degree.

I was sure I wanted to do law. But then, nearer the time, I started to get cold feet. I changed my mind and wanted to do Business. Then I got ONE A for Economics and thought I was BORN to be an economist! A few months later, I wanted to be a Historian. A few hours later, I saw a calculator and was convinced it was a sign from God that I should be a Mathematician. Somehow, I ended up with a law degree.

Clearly I was such a happy law student…

I don’t know about you but it was hard for me to decide what I wanted to study. I did my A Levels only because everybody seemed to be doing it and I didn’t want to be the one not knowing what everyone else was talking about! Thank God everything turned out fine for me, but I was lucky! Now I always tell high school students to do their research first before plunging into anything.

I would always recommend pre-U courses instead of jumping straight into foundation courses. This might be controversial but at the age of 17/18, I don’t think anybody is SUPER SURE of what they want. So at least give yourselves a chance to think whilst preparing for university life by taking pre-U courses (like the South Australian Matriculation) where you get to explore your interests, study independently, work on group projects and assignments, and so on.

I was giving my parents too much grey hair, so they sent me to go play far far. But if I had the opportunity to further my studies in Malaysia, I would definitely check out Taylor’s College as they have pretty awesome pre-U courses!

They had an open day two weeks ago at their campuses and I was given a chance to observe the happenings of the day.

I was shocked to see such a big crowd at the college. People were very interested to attend the wide range of talks, check out the scholarship opportunities and meet with the principals!

Look how packed!!

There were Campus Tours and also a students’ sharing session during the President’s talk where students shared their experiences (really good to hear others’ stories).

Eric Chan, SAM alumni and first year undergraduate at The University of Melbourne

What impressed me most was their personalised counseling sessions. They asked pretty important questions to help you figure out your educational path:

  • Are you sure of what you want to study?
  • Will you be studying locally or abroad?
  • Have you chosen the university (local/foreign) that you wish to enter?

Sometimes, it’s good to blab and vent to people you aren’t particularly close to. You’ll discover more about yourself. And it’s really good to talk about all this so you’ll have a confident fresh start ahead. Taylor’s motto is START AHEAD, STAY AHEAD.

Even the Taylor’s College President, Mr Lim Tou Boon, was at hand to speak personally to parents.

Speakers from Yayasan Sime Darby and Shell Malaysia Scholarship Trustee

There were speakers from corporate bodies like Sime Darby and Shell about the scholarships they offer. The scholarship selection process is usually challenging, but hey, the applicants are going to compete with a few thousand other applicants from throughout the nation! If you are one of those who will be trying, good luck!

Taylor’s College has one of the better pre-U courses with a comprehensive support system to ensure students get into their desired universities, so it’s really worth a look at when deciding…. after you’re done with your high school prom, of course.

Just to help you for your info, these are the courses they offer for SPM-leavers:

  • Cambridge A Levels
  • Canadian Pre-University
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
  • South Australian Matriculation

And the American Degree Transfer Program, currently housed in Wisma Subang Jaya, SS15, will be taking in its new intake at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus from 10 February onwards.

Each Pre-U programme is unique on its own. From the number of years to the teaching style and the way you are assessed, I’m sure you’ll find one that suits you and your personality. I guess, what’s really important is that you take some time to get to know yourself really well and decide how you want to equip yourselves for the future (i.e. university and working life).

Taylor’s College is organising yet another event this weekend where there are talks, workshops, dialogues with principals, campus tours, exhibitions and counselling available for all visitors. Or you can just walk in for a chat with their friendly staff.

Do check out the Taylor’s Campus Day on 8-9 January 2011 (Sat & Sun) at both Taylor’s College campuses in Subang Jaya and Sri Hartamas. For more details, you can call 017-883 5795 (Taylor’s Pre-U number), 03-5636 2641 (Subang Jaya) and 03-6203 0168 (Sri Hartamas) to find out more about their pre-U courses.